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20162 `-O-Methyl- and 2 `-O-propargyl-5-methylisocytidine: synthesis, properties and impact on the isoC(d)-dG and the isoC(d)-isoG(d) base pairing in nucleic acids with parallel and antiparallel strand orientationJana, Sunit K.; Leonard, Peter; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
20153-Phenyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropyrimido[4,5-c]pyridazin-7-one as nucleobase substitute in DNA: synthesis of the 2 `-deoxyribonucleoside, cyclonucleoside formation, and base pairing in oligonucleotidesMei, Hui; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
20185-Aza-7-deaza-2 `-deoxyguanosine and 2 `-Deoxycytidine Form Programmable Silver-Mediated Base Pairs with Metal Ions in the Core of the DNA Double HelixGuo, Xiurong; Leonard, Peter; Ingale, Sachin A.; Liu, Jiang; Mei, Hui; Sieg, Martha; Seela, Frank
20145-Nitroindole oligonucleotides with alkynyl side chains: universal base pairing, triple bond hydration and properties of pyrene ``click'' adductsIngale, Sachin A.; Leonard, Peter; Yang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
20167-Deaza-2 `-deoxyguanosine: Selective Nucleobase Halogenation, Positional Impact of Space-Occupying Substituents, and Stability of DNA with Parallel and Antiparallel Strand OrientationIngale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
20127-Deazapurine and 8-Aza-7-deazapurine Nucleoside and Oligonucleotide Pyrene ``Click'' Conjugates: Synthesis, Nucleobase Controlled Fluorescence Quenching, and Duplex StabilityIngale, Sachin A.; Pujari, Suresh S.; Sirivolu, Venkata Ramana; Ding, Ping; Xiong, Hai; Mei, Hui; Seela, Frank
2012A Ratiometric Fluorescent On-Off Zn2+ Chemosensor Based on a Tripropargylamine Pyrene Azide Click AdductIngale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2009A toyocamycin analogue with the sugar moiety in a syn conformationSeela, Frank; Ingale, Sachin A.; Leonard, Peter; Eickmeier, Henning; Reuter, Hans 
2010``Double Click'' Reaction on 7-Deazaguanine DNA: Synthesis and Excimer Fluorescence of Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides with Branched Side Chains Decorated with Proximal PyrenesSeela, Frank; Ingale, Sachin A.
2015Duplex DNA and DNA RNA Hybrids with Parallel Strand Orientation: 2 `-Deoxy-2 `-fluoroisocytidine, 2 `-Deoxy-2 `-fluoroisoguanosine, and Canonical Nucleosides with 2 `-Fluoro Substituents Cause Unexpected Changes on the Double Helix StabilityIngale, Sachin A.; Leonard, Peter; Quang Nhat Tran; Seela, Frank
2013Ethynyl Side Chain Hydration during Synthesis and Workup of ``Clickable'' Oligonucleotides: Bypassing Acetyl Group Formation by Triisopropylsilyl ProtectionIngale, Sachin A.; Mei, Hui; Leonard, Peter; Seela, Frank
2017Gemcitabine, Pyrrologemcitabine, and 2 `-Fluoro-2 `-Deoxycytidines: Synthesis, Physical Properties, and Impact of Sugar Fluorination on Silver Ion Mediated Base PairingGuo, Xiurong; Leonard, Peter; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2018Glycosylation of Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines with 1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-beta-D-ribofuranose: Substituents and Protecting Groups Effecting the Synthesis of 7-Deazapurine RibonucleosidesIngale, Sachin A.; Leonard, Peter; Seela, Frank
2018Guanine and 8-Azaguanine in Anomeric DNA Hybrid Base Pairs: Stability, Fluorescence Sensing, and Efficient Mismatch Discrimination with alpha-D-NucleosidesLiu, Jiang; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2014High-Density Functionalization and Cross-Linking of DNA: ``Click'' and ``Bis-Click'' Cycloadditions Performed on Alkynylated Oligonucleotides with Fluorogenic Anthracene AzidesPujari, Suresh S.; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2014Imidazolo-dC Metal-Mediated Base Pairs: Purine Nucleosides Capture Two Ag+ Ions and Form a Duplex with the Stability of a Covalent DNA Cross-LinkMei, Hui; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2017Mercury(II)-mediated base pairs in DNA: unexpected behavior in metal ion binding and duplex stability induced by 2 `-deoxyuridine 5-substituentsGuo, Xiurong; Ingale, Sachin A.; Yang, Haozhe; He, Yang; Seela, Frank
2014Nucleoside and oligonucleotide pyrene conjugates with 1,2,3-triazolyl or ethynyl linkers: synthesis, duplex stability, and fluorescence changes generated by the DNA-dye connectorIngale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2014Nucleoside and Oligonucleotide Pyrene Conjugates with 1,2,3‐Triazolyl or Ethynyl Linkers: Synthesis, Duplex Stability, and Fluorescence Changes Generated by the DNA‐Dye Connector.Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2013Pyrene and bis-pyrene DNA nucleobase conjugates: excimer and monomer fluorescence of linear and dendronized cytosine and 7-deazaguanine click adductsMei, Hui; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank