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2019Characterization of Micro- and Nanoscale LuPO4:Pr3+,Nd3+ with Strong UV-C Emission to Reduce X-Ray Doses in Radiation TherapyEspinoza, Sara; Mueller, Matthias; Jenneboer, Heike; Peulen, Lukas; Bradley, Tiara; Purschke, Martin; Haase, Markus ; Rahmanzadeh, Ramtin; Juestel, Thomas
2018Colloidal LaPO4:Gd3+ nanocrystals: X-ray induced single line UV emissionEspinoza, Sara; Juestel, Thomas; Haase, Markus 
2018Deep Ultraviolet Emitting Scintillators for Biomedical Applications: The Hard Way of Downsizing LuPO4:Pr3+Espinoza, Sara; Volhard, Max-Fabian; Kaetker, Heike; Jenneboer, Heike; Uckelmann, Anne; Haase, Markus ; Mueller, Matthias; Purschke, Martin; Juestel, Thomas
2016New NIR emitting phosphor for blue LEDs with stable light output up to 180 degrees CMoeller, Stephanie; Katelnikovas, Arturas; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas
2014On the efficient luminescence of beta-Na(La1-xPrx)F-4Herden, Benjamin; Meijerink, Andries; Rabouw, Freddy T.; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas
2021On the energy transfer from Pr3+ to Gd3+ in nanosized LuPO4 particlesKappelhoff, Jan; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas
2017On the synthesis, phase optimisation and luminescence of some rare earth pyrosilicatesGerdes, Rolf; Bettentrup, Helga; Enseling, David; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas
2018UV C luminescence of a modified zirconium silicate framework upon cathode ray and VUV excitationGerdes, Rolf; Enseling, David; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas
2013Vacuum-UV excitation and visible luminescence of nano-scale and micro-scale NaLnF(4):Pr3+ (Ln = Y, Lu)Herden, Benjamin; Nordmann, Joerg; Komban, Rajesh; Haase, Markus ; Juestel, Thomas