Haase, Markus

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Haase, Markus
Haase, M
Haase, Markus
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12004Synthesis of Eu3+-doped core and core/shell nanoparticles and direct spectroscopic identification of dopant sites at the surface and in the interior of the particlesLehmann, O.; Kömpe, K.; Haase, M. 
22004Highly efficient multicolour upconversion emission in transparent colloids of lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanocrystalsHeer, S; Kompe, K; Gudel, HU; Haase, M 
32005Reply: Self-assembly of monodisperse nanocrystals into faceted crystal superlatticesTalapin, DV; Shevchenko, EV; Gaponik, N; Radtchenko, IL; Kornowski, A; Haase, M ; Rogach, AL; Weller, H
42005Photon upconversion emission in transparent solutions of nanocrystalline hexagonal NaGdF4: Yb3+, Er3+Aebischer, A.; Heer, S.; Krämer, K.; Haase, M. ; Güdel, H.U.
52005Highly Efficient Multicolor Upconversion Emission in Transparent Colloids of Lanthanide-Doped NaYF4 Nanocrystals.Heer, Stephan; Koempe, Karsten; Guedel, H. U.; Haase, Markus 
62005Comment: Precipitation of selenium from CdSe nanocrystal solutionsZaitseva, N.; Manna, L.; Gerion, D.; Saw, C.K.; Talapin, D.V.; Shevchenko, E.V.; Gaponik, N.; Radtchenko, I.L.; Kornowski, A.; Haase, M. ; Rogach, A.L.; Weller, H.
72005Visible light emission upon near-infrared excitation in a transparent solution of nanocrystalline beta-NaGdF4 : Yb3+, Er3+Aebischer, A; Heer, S; Biner, D; Kramer, K; Haase, M ; Gudel, HU
82006Spectroscopic distinction of surface and volume ions in cerium(III)- and terbium(III)-containing core and core/shell nanoparticlesKoempe, Karsten; Lehmann, Olaf; Haase, Markus 
92007Crystal phase control of luminescing NaGdF4 : Eu3+ nanocrystalsPtacek, Pavel; Schaefer, Helmut; Koempe, Karsten; Haase, Markus 
102007Lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanocrystals in aqueous solution displaying strong up-conversion emissionSchaefer, Helmut; Ptacek, Pavel; Koempe, Karsten; Haase, Markus 
112007Influence of the choice of indium precursor and ligand on the synthesis of InP nanocrystalsZerzouf, O.; Haase, M. 
122007Luminescent nanoparticles for molecular medicineWeiler, V.; Haase, M. ; Walter, C.; Hoheisel, W.; Hummel, H.
132007Luminescent nanoparticles for molecular medicineWeiler, V.; Haase, M. ; Walter, C.; Hoheisel, W.; Hummel, H.
142008Geometric and electronic structure of lanthanide orthophosphate nanoparticles determined with X-raysSuljoti, E.; Nagasono, M.; Pietzsch, A.; Hickmann, K.; Trots, D. M.; Haase, M. ; Wurth, W.; Foehlisch, A.
152008Synthesis and Optical Properties of KYF4/Yb, Er Nanocrystals, and their Surface Modification with Undoped KYF4Schaefer, Helmut; Ptacek, Pavel; Zerzouf, Otmane; Haase, Markus 
162008The Role of Amines in the Growth of Terbium(III)-Doped Cerium Phosphate nanoparticlesHickmann, Katharina; Koempe, Karsten; Hepp, Alexander; Haase, Markus 
172009Investigation of KYF4: Yb,Er//KYF4 nanocrystals mechanism of the KYF4 formationSchaefer, H.; Ptacek, P.; Hickmann, K.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.; Haase, M. 
182009In-Vivo Imaging of the Uptake of Upconversion Nanoparticles by Plant RootsHischemoeller, Anja; Nordmann, Joerg; Ptacek, Pavel; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Haase, Markus 
192009Synthesis and Characterization of Upconversion Fluorescent Yb3+, Er3+ Doped CsY2F7 Nano- and MicrocrystalsSchaefer, Helmut; Ptacek, Pavel; Eickmeier, Henning; Haase, Markus 
202009Synthesis of Hexagonal Yb3+,Er3+-Doped NaYF4 Nanocrystals at Low TemperatureSchaefer, Helmut; Ptacek, Pavel; Eickmeier, Henning; Haase, Markus