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2010Dye sensitized membranes within mesoporous TiO2 Photocurrents in aqueous solutionTaffa, Dereje Hailu; Kathiresan, Murugavel; Arnold, Tamara; Walder, Lorenz ; Erbacher, Martin; Bauer, Daniela; Montforts, Franz-Peter; Nordmann, Jorg; Haase, Markus 
2010Pore size and surface charge control in mesoporous TiO2 using post-grafted SAMsTaffa, Dereje Hailu; Kathiresan, Murugavel; Walder, Lorenz ; Seelandt, Britta; Wark, Michael
2011Shell-by-Shell Inside-Out Complexation of Organic Anions in Flexible and Rigid Pyridinium DendrimersKathiresan, Murugavel; Walder, Lorenz 
2017TEMPO-Labeled Viologen Dendrimers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Preliminary Distance MeasurementsKathiresan, Murugavel; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Walder, Lorenz 
2010Trimethylenedipyridinium Dendrimers Synthesis and Sequential Complexation of Anthraquinone Disulfonate in Molecular ShellsKathiresan, Murugavel; Walder, Lorenz 
2009Tuning the Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, and Ion Exchange Properties of Mesoporous TiO2HailuTaffa, Dereje; Kathiresan, Murugavel; Walder, Lorenz 
2010Viologen-based benzylic dendrimers: selective synthesis of 3,5-bis(hydroxymethyl) benzylbromide and conformational analysis of the corresponding viologen dendrimer subunitKathiresan, Murugavel; Walder, Lorenz ; Ye, Fei; Reuter, Hans