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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A conceptual model describing the fate of sulfadiazine and its metabolites observed in manure-amended soilsZarfl, Christiane; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Matthies, Michael
2009A Dynamic Model to Simulate Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury Contamination in the Terrestrial Environment During Extreme Floods of RiversSchulz, Marcus; Buettner, Olaf; Baborowski, Martina; Boehme, Michael; Matthies, Michael; von Tuempling, Wolf
2009A Dynamic Model to Simulate Spills of Fuel and Diesel Oil in the Terrestrial Environment during Extreme Fluvial FloodsSchulz, Marcus; Buettner, Olaf; Boehme, Michael; Matthies, Michael; von Tuempling, Wolf
2008A mechanistical model for the uptake of sulfonamides by bacteriaZarfl, Christiane; Matthies, Michael; Klasmeier, Jorg 
2013A multi-criteria evaluation system for marine litter pollution based on statistical analyses of OSPAR beach litter monitoring time seriesSchulz, Marcus; Neumann, Daniel; Fleet, David M.; Matthies, Michael
2011A Quantum Statistical Approach to Remediation Effect of Humic SubstancesAleksandrova, Olga N.; Schulz, Marcus; Matthies, Michael
1996AbschätzfunktionenTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
2008An empirical regression model of soluble phosphorus retention for small pristine streams evaluating tracer experimentsSchulz, Marcus; Bischoff, Maik; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Berlekamp, Juergen; Matthies, Michael
2009An indispensable asset at risk: merits and needs of chemicals-related environmental sciencesSchaeffer, Andreas; Hollert, Henner; Ratte, Hans Toni; Ross-Nickoll, Martina; Filser, Juliane; Matthies, Michael; Oehlmann, Joerg; Scheringer, Martin; Schulz, Ralf; Seitz, Alfred
1995An Object-Oriented Software for Fate and Exposure AssessmentsScheil, Sven; Baumgarten, Guido; Reiter, Bernhard; Schwartz, Stefan; Wagner, Jan Oliver; Trapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
2009Analysis, fate and effects of the antibiotic sulfadiazine in soil ecosystemsSchauss, Kristina; Focks, Andreas ; Heuer, Holger; Kotzerke, Anja; Schmitt, Heike; Thiele-Bruhn, Soeren; Smalla, Kornelia; Wilke, Berndt-Michael; Matthies, Michael; Amelung, Wulf; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Schloter, Michael
2010Are marine plastic particles transport vectors for organic pollutants to the Arctic?Zarfl, Christiane; Matthies, Michael
2014Artificial neural networks for modeling time series of beach litter in the southern North SeaSchulz, Marcus; Matthies, Michael
2009Assessing Persistence and Long-Range Transport Potential of Current-Use PesticidesMatthies, Michael; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Beyer, Andreas; Ehling, Christian
1996Atmosphärische AusbreitungsmodelleTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
1998Atmospheric Transport ModelsTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
1996Beschreibung des Model Interchange FormatTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
1994Biogeochemistry of small catchmentsWangersky, Peter J.; Hermes, Rolf J.; Matthies, Michael
1998Carrying out SimulationTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael
1998Chemodynamics and Environmental ModelingTrapp, Stefan; Matthies, Michael