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20051,N-6-Etheno-7-deaza-2,8-diazaadenosine: syntheses, properties and conversion to 7-deaza-2,8-diazaadenosineLin, WQ; Li, H; Ming, X; Seela, F
20057-deazapurin-2,6-diamine and 7-deazaguanine: Synthesis and property of 7-substituted nucleosides and oligonucleotidesSeela, F; Peng, XH; Ming, X
2005L-nucleosides containing modified nucleobasesSeela, F; Lin, W; Kazimierczuk, Z; Rosemeyer, H ; Glacon, V; Peng, X; He, Y; Ming, X; Andrzejewska, M; Gorska, A; Zhang, X; La Colla, P