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2013A folksonomy-based recommender system for learning material predictionEngelbert, Benedikt; Morisse, Karsten; Vornberger, Oliver 
2009A Mobile Blended Learning Approach Based on Podcasts with Respect to the Students' Media LiteracyMorisse, Karsten; Ramm, Michaela; Schüler, Thomas; Wichelhaus, Svenja
2009A new perspective for Virtual Mirror Therapy Developing a low-cost-high-convenient environment utilising the WiimotePälmke, Marion; von Piekartz, Harry; Zalpour, Christoff; Schuler, Thomas V.; Morisse, Karsten
2011A user supporting personal video recorder by implementing a generic Bayesian classifier based recommendation systemEngelbert, Benedikt; Blanken, Malte B.; Kruthoff-Bruwer, Ralf; Morisse, Karsten
2010Adopting SGID-Evaluation Techniques for a Lecture-Recording Based Blended Learning ApproachMorisse, Karsten
2005An Approach for Collaboration and Annotation in Video Post-productionMorisse, Karsten; Sempf, T.
2012Evaluation and user acceptance issues of a Bayesian classifier based TV Recommendation SystemEngelbert, Benedikt; Morisse, Karsten; Hamborg, Kai-Christoph 
2020Impact of Virtual Embodiment on the Perception of Virtual HeightsWolf, Eduard; Schüler, Thomas; Morisse, Karsten
2019Marker-Based Method for Analyzing the Three-Dimensional Upper Body Kinematics of Violinists and Violists: Development and Clinical Feasibility.Wolf, Eduard; Möller, Dirk; Ballenberger, Nikolaus; Morisse, Karsten; Zalpour, Christoff
2006Studying with Mobile Devices: Workflow and Tools for Automatic Content DistributionKetterl, Markus; Mertens, Robert; Morisse, Karsten; Vornberger, Oliver 
2009User Generated Web Lecture Snippets to Support a Blended Learning ApproachKetterl, Markus; Morisse, Karsten
2011User Stories als Kommunikationsbasis bei der Integration von e-Learning in ein CampusmanagementsystemSchüler, Thomas; Kämmerling, Daniel; Morisse, Karsten; Albrecht, Michael
2006Workflow for Integrated Object Detection in Collaborative Video Annotation EnvironmentsGrunewaldt, L.; Möller, Kim; Morisse, Karsten