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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Annexin XXI (ANX21) of Giardia lamblia has sequence motifs uniquely shared by giardial annexins and is specifically localized in the flagellaSzkodowska, A; Muller, MCM; Linke, C; Scholze, H
2002Aristonerilla: a new nerillid genus (Annelida : Polychaeta) with description of Aristonerilla (Micronerilla) brevis comb. nov from a seawater aquariumMuller, MCM
2006Cell proliferation dynamics and morphological differentiation during regeneration in Dorvillea bermudensis (Polychaeta, Dorvilleidae)Paulus, T; Muller, MCM
2002Comparative analysis of the nervous systems in presumptive progenetic dinophilid and dorvilleid polychaetes (Annelida) by immunohistochemistry and cLSMMuller, MCM; Westheide, W
2003Ctenodrilus serratus (Polychaeta : Ctenodrilidae) is a truly amphi-Atlantic meiofauna species - evidence from molecular dataWestheide, W; Hass-Cordes, E; Krabusch, M; Muller, MCM
2004Evolution of body wall musculaturePurschke, G ; Muller, MCM
2003Experiments on anterior regeneration in Eurythoe complanata (''Polychaeta'', Amphinomidae): reconfiguration of the nervous system and its function for regenerationMuller, MCM; Berenzen, A; Westheide, W
2004Ground plan of the polychaete brain - I. Patterns of nerve development during regeneration in Dorvillea bermudensis (Dorvilleidae)Muller, MCM; Henning, L
2004Immunohistochemical analysis of nervous system regeneration in chimeric individuals of Dorvillea bermudensis (Polychaeta, Dorvilleidae)Muller, MCM
2003Larval development of Myzostoma cirriferum (Myzostomida)Eeckhaut, I; Fievez, L; Muller, MCM
2005Morphology of the nervous system of Polychaeta (Annelida)Orrhage, L; Muller, MCM
2004Musculature and nervous system of Gnathostomula peregrina (Gnathostomulida) shown by phalloidin labeling, immunohistochemistry, and cLSM, and their phylogenetic significanceMuller, MCM; Sterrer, W
2004Nephridial and gonoduct distribution patterns in Nerillidae (Annelida : Polychaeta) examined by tubulin staining and cLSMWorsaae, K; Muller, MCM
2004Nerve development, growth and differentiation during regeneration in Enchytraeus fragmentosus and Stylaria iacustris (Oligochaeta)Muller, MCM
2002On the absence of circular muscle elements in the body wall of Dysponetus pygmaeus (Chrysopetalidae, `Polychaeta', Annelida)Tzetlin, AB; Zhadan, A; Ivanov, I; Muller, MCM; Purschke, G 
2004Polychaete nervous systems: Ground pattern and variationMuller, MCM
2006Polychaete nervous systems: Ground pattern and variations - cLS microscopy and the importance of novel characteristics in phylogenetic analysisMuller, MCM
2003Reconstruction of the muscle system in Antygomonas sp (Kinorhyncha, Cyclorhagida) by means of phalloidin labeling and cLSMMuller, MCM; Schmidt-Rhaesa, A
2005Reconstruction of the musculature of Magelona cf. mirabilis (Magelonidae) and Prionospio cirrifera (Spionidae) (Polychaeta, Annelida) by phalloidin labeling and cLSMFilippova, A; Purschke, G ; Tzetlin, AB; Muller, MCM
2004The beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase of Entamoeba histolytica is composed of two homologous chains and has been localized to cytoplasmic granulesRiekenberg, S; Flockenhaus, B; Vahrmann, A; Muller, MCM; Leippe, M; Kiess, M; Scholze, H