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1997ADP-glucose drives starch synthesis in isolated maize endosperm amyloplasts: Characterization of starch synthesis and transport properties across the amyloplast envelopeMohlmann, T; Tjaden, J; Henrichs, G; Quick, WP; Hausler, R; Neuhaus, HE
1998Altered plastidic ATP/ADP-transporter activity influences potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber morphology, yield and composition of tuber starchTjaden, J; Mohlmann, T; Kampfenkel, K; Henrichs, G; Neuhaus, HE
1997Characterization of a novel eukaryotic ATP/ADP translocator located in the plastid envelope of Arabidopsis thaliana LNeuhaus, HE; Thom, E; Mohlmann, T; Steup, M; Kampfenkel, K
1996Evidence for two types of phosphate translocators in sweet-pepper (Capsicum annuum L) fruit chromoplastsQuick, WP; Neuhaus, HE
1998Expression of a plastidic ATP/ADP transporter gene in Escherichia coli leads to a functional adenine nucleotide transport system in the bacterial cytoplasmic membraneTjaden, J; Schwoppe, C; Mohlmann, T; Quick, PW; Neuhaus, HE
1997Metabolism and transport in non-photosynthetic plastidsEmes, MJ; Neuhaus, HE
1999Non-mitochondrial ATP transportWinkler, HH; Neuhaus, HE
2000Nonphotosynthetic metabolism in plastidsNeuhaus, HE; Emes, MJ
1998Occurrence of two plastidic ATP/ADP transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana L - Molecular characterisation and comparative structural analysis of similar ATP/ADP translocators from plastids and Rickettsia prowazekiiMohlmann, T; Tjaden, J; Schwoppe, C; Winkler, HH; Kampfenkel, K; Neuhaus, HE
2003Phylogenetic relationships of non-mitochondrial nucleotide transport proteins in bacteria and eukaryotesLinka, N; Hurka, H; Lang, BF; Burger, G; Winkler, HH; Stamme, C; Urbany, C; Seil, I; Kusch, J; Neuhaus, HE
1997Precursor and effector dependency of lipid synthesis in amyloplasts isolated from developing maize and wheat endospermMohlmann, T; Neuhaus, HE
2000Solute pores, ion channels, and metabolite transporters in the outer and inner envelope membranes of higher plant plastidsNeuhaus, HE; Wagner, R 
1996Starch degradation in chloroplasts isolated from C-3 or CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism)-induced Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.Neuhaus, HE; Schulte, N
1998Sweet pepper plastids: enzymic equipment, characterisation of the plastidic oxidative pentose-phosphate pathway, and transport of phosphorylated intermediates across the envelope membraneThom, E; Mohlmann, T; Quick, WP; Camara, B; Neuhaus, HE
1999Two nucleotide transport proteins in Chlamydia trachomatis, one for net nucleoside triphosphate uptake and the other for transport of energyTjaden, J; Winkler, HH; Schwoppe, C; Van der Laan, M; Mohlmann, T; Neuhaus, HE
1996Unidirectional transport of orthophosphate across the envelope of isolated cauliflower-bud amyloplastsNeuhaus, HE; Maass, U