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2008Adaptive neurodynamicsNegrello, M.; Huelse, M.; Pasemann, F.
2013An interactively constrained neuro-evolution approach for behavior control of complex robotsRempis, C.; Pasemann, F.
2016Autonomous learning needs a second environmental feedback loopToutounji, H.; Pasemann, F.
2010Designing simple nonlinear filters using hysteresis of single recurrent neurons for acoustic signal recognition in robotsManoonpong, P.; Pasemann, F.; Kolodziejski, C.; Wörgötter, F.
2007Dynamical systems in the sensorimotor loop: On the interrelation between internal and external mechanisms of evolved robot behaviorHülse, M.; Wischmann, S.; Manoonpong, P.; Von Twickel, A.; Pasemann, F.
2013Evaluating neuromodulator-controlled stochastic plasticity for learning recurrent neural control networksRempis, C.W.; Toutounji, H.; Pasemann, F.
2012Evolving humanoid behaviors for language gamesPasemann, F.; Rempis, C.; Von Twickel, A.
2012Evolving variants of neuro-control using constraint masksRempis, C.; Pasemann, F.
2010NERD neurodynamics and evolutionary robotics development kitRempis, C.; Thomas, V.; Bachmann, F.; Pasemann, F.
2008Neural preprocessing of auditory-wind sensory signals and modular neural control for auditory- And wind-evoked escape responses of walking machinesManoonpong, P.; Wörgötter, F.; Pasemann, F.
2010Search space restriction of neuro-evolution through constrained modularization of neural networksRempis, C.W.; Pasemann, F.
2013Self-regulating neurons in the sensorimotor loopPasemann, F.
2006Synchronization of internal neural rhythms in multi-robotic systemsWischmann, S.; Hülse, M.; Knabe, J.F.; Pasemann, F.
2007Transients of active tracking: A stroll in attractor spacesNegrello, M.; Pasemann, F.
2008YARS: A physical 3D simulator for evolving controllers for real robotsZahedi, K.; Von Twickel, A.; Pasemann, F.