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2012Controlled Protein Confinement in Phase-Separated Membranes Tethered onto Micro-Patterned SupportsRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Beutel, Oliver; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Functional Immobilization and Patterning of Proteins by an Enzymatic Transfer ReactionWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Podoplelova, Yulia; Reichel, Annett; Brunk, Ariane; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2017Ligand-induced type II interleukin-4 receptor dimers are sustained by rapid re-association within plasma membrane microcompartmentsRichter, David; Moraga, Ignacio; Winkelmann, Hauke; Birkholz, Oliver; Wilmes, Stephan; Schulte, Markos; Kraich, Michael; Kenneweg, Hella; Beutel, Oliver; Selenschik, Philipp; Paterok, Dirk; Gavutis, Martynas; Schmidt, Thomas; Garcia, K. Christopher; Mueller, Thomas D.; Piehler, Jacob 
2013Protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2/PTPN11 mistargeting as a consequence of SH2-domain point mutations associated with Noonan Syndrome and leukemiaMueller, Pia J.; Rigbolt, Kristoffer T. G.; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob ; Vanselow, Jens; Lasonder, Edwin; Andersen, Jens S.; Schaper, Fred; Sobota, Radoslaw M.
2011Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins into Polymer-Supported Membranes for Probing Diffusion and Interactions by Single Molecule TechniquesRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Paterok, Dirk; Schubert, Robin; Richter, Christian; Liedberg, Bo; Piehler, Jacob 
2013Spatial Organization of Lipid Phases in Micropatterned Polymer-Supported MembranesRoder, Friedrich; Birkholz, Oliver; Beutel, Oliver; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob