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2019A trafficome-wide RNAi screen reveals deployment of early and late secretory host proteins and the entire late endo-/lysosomal vesicle fusion machinery by intracellular SalmonellaKehl, Alexander; Göser, Vera; Reuter, Tatjana; Liss, Viktoria; Franke, Maximilian; John, Christopher; Richter, Christian; Deiwick, Jörg; Hensel, Michael 
2020Author response: Nanoscopic anatomy of dynamic multi-protein complexes at membranes resolved by graphene-induced energy transferFüllbrunn, Nadia; Li, Zehao; Jorde, Lara; Richter, Christian; Kurre, Rainer ; Langemeyer, Lars; Yu, Changyuan; Meyer, Carola ; Enderlein, Jörg; Ungermann, Christian ; Piehler, Jacob ; You, Changjiang 
2023Correlative single-molecule and structured illumination microscopy of fast dynamics at the plasma membraneWinkelmann, Hauke; Richter, Christian; Eising, Jasper; Piehler, Jacob ; Kurre, Rainer 
2018FIFO ATP synthase responds to glycolysis inhibition by localization into the inner boundary membraneK, Zalyevskiy; Hager, Frances; Richter, Christian; K, Psathaki; Appelhans, Timo; Busch, Karin B.
2021Four-Color Single-Molecule Imaging with Engineered Tags Resolves the Molecular Architecture of Signaling Complexes in the Plasma MembraneBellón, Junel Sotolongo; Birkholz, Oliver; Richter, Christian; Eull, Florian; Kenneweg, Hella; Wilmes, Stephan; Rothbauer, Ulrich; You, Changjiang ; Walter, Mark R.; Kurre, Rainer ; Piehler, Jacob 
2022Live cell nanodot arrays uncover synergistic co-condensation of Wnt signalodropletsPhilippi, Michael; Richter, Christian; Kappen, Marie; Watrinet, Isabelle; Miao, Yi; Runge, Mercedes; Jorde, Lara; Korneev, Sergej; Holtmannspoetter, Michael; Kurre, Rainer ; Holthuis, Joost C. M.; Garcia, K. Christopher; Plueckthun, Andreas; Steinhart, Martin ; Piehler, Jacob ; You, Changjiang 
2011Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins into Polymer-Supported Membranes for Probing Diffusion and Interactions by Single Molecule TechniquesRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Paterok, Dirk; Schubert, Robin; Richter, Christian; Liedberg, Bo; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Self-Controlled Monofunctionalization of Quantum Dots for Multiplexed Protein Tracking in Live CellsYou, Changjiang ; Wilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Loechte, Sara; Podoplelowa, Yulia; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian; Seine, Thomas; Schaible, Dirk; Uze, Gilles; Clarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Dahan, Maxime; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Transient STAT recruitment into submicroscopic domains at the membrane skeletonLoechte, Sara; Wilmes, Stephan; You, Changjiang ; Richter, Christian; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Triple-colour super-resolution imaging in living cellsStaufenbiel, Markus; Wilmes, Stephan; Lisse, Domenik; Roder, Friedrich; Beutel, Oliver; Richter, Christian; Piehler, Jacob