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2007Ab initio investigation of the laser induced desorption of iodine from KI(100)Carbogno, C.; Gross, A.; Rohlfing, M.
2011Ab initio study of a mechanically gated molecule: From weak to strong correlationGreuling, A.; Rohlfing, M.; Temirov, R.; Tautz, F. S.; Anders, F. B.
2007Comment on ``Electron core-hole interaction and its induced ionic structural relaxation in molecular systems under x-ray irradiation''Schreiber, F.; Gerlach, A.; Koch, N.; Zojer, E.; Sokolowski, M.; Tautz, F. S.; Rohlfing, M.; Umbach, E.
2009Cooperative mechanism for anchoring highly polar molecules at an ionic surfaceSchuette, J.; Bechstein, R.; Rohlfing, M.; Reichling, M. ; Kuehnle, A.
2008Dispersion of surface bands and chain coupling at Si and Ge(111) surfacesBussetti, G.; Goletti, C.; Chlaradia, P.; Rohlfing, M.; Betti, M. G.; Bussolotti, F.; Cirilli, S.; Mariani, C.; Kanjilal, A.
2011Dynamical bistability of single-molecule junctions: A combined experimental and theoretical study of PTCDA on Ag(111)Brumme, T.; Neucheva, O. A.; Toher, C.; Gutierrez, R.; Weiss, C.; Temirov, R.; Greuling, A.; Kaczmarski, M.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.; Cuniberti, G.
2011Electrical transport through a mechanically gated molecular wireToher, C.; Temirov, R.; Greuling, A.; Pump, F.; Kaczmarski, M.; Cuniberti, G.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.
2010First-principles calculations of the atomic and electronic structure of SrZrO3 and PbZrO3 (001) and (011) surfacesEglitis, R. I.; Rohlfing, M.
2007Identification of P dopants at nonequivalent lattice sites of the Si(111)-(2x1) surfaceGarleff, J. K.; Wenderoth, M.; Ulbrich, R. G.; Suergers, C.; von Loehneysen, H.; Rohlfing, M.
2007Image-potential-induced surface state at Si(100)Kutschera, M.; Weinelt, M.; Rohlfing, M.; Fauster, T.
2010Imaging Pauli Repulsion in Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyWeiss, C.; Wagner, C.; Kleimann, C.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.; Temirov, R.
2009Imaging perylene derivatives on rutile TiO2(110) by noncontact atomic force microscopySchuette, J.; Bechstein, R.; Rahe, P. ; Rohlfing, M.; Kuehnle, A.; Langhals, H.
2007Influence of intrinsic and extrinsic defects on the recombination behavior of light-induced hole polaronsSchoke, B.; Merschjann, C.; Torbrügge, S.; Imlau, M. ; Rohlfing, M.
2006Lateral adsorption geometry and site-specific electronic structure of a large organic chemisorbate on a metal surfaceKraft, A.; Temirov, R.; Henze, S. K. M.; Soubatch, S.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.
2010Optical absorption measurements of electron quantum confinement in Si(111)-2x1 surface chainsBussetti, G.; Violante, A.; Bonanni, B.; Cirilli, S.; Goletti, C.; Chiaradia, P.; Chiarotti, G.; Rohlfing, M.
2013Spectral properties of a molecular wire in the Kondo regimeGreuling, A.; Temirov, R.; Lechtenberg, B.; Anders, F. B.; Rohlfing, M.; Tautz, F. S.
2012Spectroscopy of positively and negatively buckled domains on Si(111)-2x1Loeser, K.; Wenderoth, M.; Spaeth, T. K. A.; Garleff, J. K.; Ulbrich, R. G.; Poetter, M.; Rohlfing, M.
2006Structure and bonding of the multifunctional amino acid L-DOPA on Au(110)Weinhold, M.; Soubatch, S.; Temirov, R.; Rohlfing, M.; Jastorff, B.; Tautz, F. S.; Doose, C.