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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A pump-probe photoionization mass spectrometer utilizing tunable extreme ultraviolet laser-produced-plasma radiationFlesch, R; Schurmann, MC; Hunnekuhl, M; Meiss, H; Plenge, J; Ruhl, E
1999Absolute photoionization cross sections of the primary photofragments of chlorine dioxide and dichlorine monoxideFlesch, R; Schurmann, MC; Plenge, J; Hunnekuhl, M; Meiss, H; Bischof, M; Ruhl, E
2002Alignment of Ar+ ions produced after resonant auger decay of Ar*2p(5) 3d resonancesMeyer, M; Marquette, A; Grum-Grzhimailo, A; Flesch, R; Ruhl, E
2000Autoionization and photoionization of O(D-1)Flesch, R; Schurmann, MC; Plenge, J; Meiss, H; Hunnekuhl, M; Ruhl, E
2002Charge localization in collision-induced multiple ionization of van der Waals clusters with highly charged ionsTappe, W; Flesch, R; Ruhl, E; Hoekstra, R; Schlatholter, T
2002Comparative low-frequency Raman study of straight-chain-segment length distributions in gel-derived and melt-crystallized polyethylenesPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Golitsyn, V; Ruhl, E; Vasil'eva, V; Tshmel, A
2003Crystallisation process on the stage of the gel-to-solid transformation in thermo-reversible polyethylene gelsPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Ruhl, E; Egorov, V; Tshmel, A
2000Dynamic localization of inner-shell excitations in free atomic and molecular clustersPavlychev, AA; Ruhl, E
2000Dynamic localization of inner-shell excitations in free atomic and molecular clusters (vol 106, pg 207, 2000)Pavlychev, AA; Ruhl, E
2001Dynamic stabilization in 1 sigma(u) -> 1 pi(g) excited nitrogen clustersFlesch, R; Pavlychev, AA; Neville, JJ; Blumberg, J; Kuhlmann, M; Tappe, W; Senf, F; Schwarzkopf, O; Hitchcock, AP; Ruhl, E
2003Effect of the morphology of reactor powders on the structure and mechanical behavior of drawn ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenesTsobkallo, K; Vasilieva, V; Khizhnyak, S; Pakhomov, P; Galitsyn, V; Ruhl, E; Egorov, V; Tshmel, A
1999Fast in situ sizing technique for single levitated liquid aerosolsSteiner, B; Berge, B; Gausmann, R; Rohmann, J; Ruhl, E
2002Fission mechanisms of doubly charged organic molecular clustersGeiger, J; Ruhl, E
2002High resolution near-edge spectroscopy of molecules and molecular van der Waals clustersFlesch, R; Tappe, W; Ruhl, E; Pavlychev, AA
2000Homogeneous freezing nucleation rates and crystallization dynamics of single levitated sulfuric acid solution dropletsVortisch, H; Kramer, B; Weidinger, I; Woste, L; Leisner, T; Schwell, M; Baumgartel, H; Ruhl, E
1996Homogeneous ice nucleation observed in single levitated micro dropletsKramer, B; Schwell, M; Hubner, O; Vortisch, H; Leisner, T; Ruhl, E; Baumgartel, H; Woste, L
2004Homogeneous nucleation of supersaturated KCI-solutions from single levitated microdropletsHamza, MA; Berge, B; Mikosch, W; Ruhl, E
1999In situ size determination of single levitated solid aerosolsBerge, B; Sudholz, K; Steiner, B; Rohmann, J; Ruhl, E
1999Inner-shell excitation and fragmentation of sulfur aggregatesTeodorescu, CM; Gravel, D; Choi, J; Pugmire, D; Dowben, PA; Fominykh, N; Pavlychev, AA; Ruhl, E
2001Photofragmentation of nitryl chloride in the ultraviolet regime and vacuum ultraviolet regimePlenge, J; Flesch, R; Schurmann, MC; Ruhl, E