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1996Analysis of reverse current-voltage characteristics of Ti/6H-SiC Schottky diodesSchroder, C; Heiland, W; Held, R; Loose, W
2001Classical and quantum magnetism in giant keplerate magnetic moleculesMuller, A; Luban, M; Schroder, C; Modler, R; Kogerler, P; Axenovich, M; Schnack, J ; Canfield, PC; Bud'ko, S; Harrison, N
2005Competing spin phases in geometrically frustrated magnetic moleculesSchroder, C; Nojiri, H; Schnack, J ; Hage, P; Luban, M; Kogerler, P
2005Metamagnetic phase transition of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg icosahedronSchroder, C; Schmidt, HJ; Schnack, J ; Luban, M
1999Occupational allergic contact dermatitis, partly airborne, due to isocyanates and epoxy resinSchroder, C; Uter, W; Schwanitz, HJ