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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Allergens and irritants in baker's tradeStraube, MD; Szliska, C; Schwanitz, HJ
1998An epidemiological study of the influence of season (cold and dry air) on the occurrence of irritant skin changes of the handsUter, W; Gefeller, O; Schwanitz, HJ
2001Atonic signs and symptoms: Assessing the `atopy score' conceptUter, W; Schwanitz, HJ; Pfahlberg, A; Gefeller, O
1996Contact dermatitis from propylene glycol in ECG electrode gelUter, W; Schwanitz, HJ
2002Dermatomicrobiology. A reviewSonntag, AK; Schwanitz, HJ
2004Early secondary prevention of occupational skin disease in Germany: the dermatologist's procedure in perspectiveDickel, H ; Kuss, O; John, SM ; Blome, O; Hagemann, KH; Schwanitz, HJ
2004Effects of CO2-enriched water on barrier recoveryBock, M; Schurer, NY; Schwanitz, HJ
1997Food intolerance - Pseudoallergic reactions induced by biogenic amines.Melnik, B; Szliska, C; Nohle, M; Schwanitz, HJ
2001Glyoxal is an important allergen for (medical care) cleaning staffUter, W; Schwanitz, HJ; Lessmann, H; Schnuch, A
1999Hand dermatitis in a prospectively-followed cohort of hairdressing apprentices: final results of the POSH studyUter, W; Pfahlberg, A; Gefeller, O; Schwanitz, HJ
1998Hand eczema in a prospectively-followed cohort of office-workersUter, W; Pfahlberg, A; Gefeller, O; Schwanitz, HJ
1998Increase of allergy in East GermanyKranke, B; John, SM ; Schwanitz, HJ
2000Interdigital dermatitis: sentinel skin damage in hairdressersSchwanitz, HJ; Uter, W
2000Lymphedema of the hand following recurrent erysipelas secondary to fissured irritant contact dermatitisProske, S; Uter, W; Schwanitz, HJ
2000Multicentre study for the development of an in vivo model to evaluate the influence of topical formulations on irritationSchnetz, E; Diepgen, TL; Elsner, P; Frosch, PJ; Klotz, AJ; Kresken, J; Kuss, O; Merk, H; Schwanitz, HJ; Wigger-Alberti, W; Fartasch, M; Study Grp Skin Protect Soc Occupat
2004New dermatologist's procedure. Research plan to improve secondary prevention of occupational dermatosesDickel, H ; John, SM ; Kuss, O; Schwanitz, HJ
1996Occupational allergic contact dermatitis from BAC-esterchloride (beta-phenylethyl-dibutylacetic acid-ethylester-ammonium chloride)Straube, M; Szliska, C; Peiler, D; Frosch, PJ; Schwanitz, HJ
1996Occupational allergic contact dermatitis from thiolactic acid contained in `ester-free' permanent-waving solutionsStraube, M; Uter, W; Schwanitz, HJ
1999Occupational allergic contact dermatitis, partly airborne, due to isocyanates and epoxy resinSchroder, C; Uter, W; Schwanitz, HJ
2003Patient education in occupational skin diseasesWulfhorst, B; Schwanitz, HJ