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2017Characterization of an archaeal photoreceptor/transducer complex from Natronomonas pharaonis assembled within styrene-maleic acid lipid particlesVoskoboynikova, N. ; Mosslehy, W. ; Colbasevici, A.; Ismagulova, T. T. ; Bagrov, D. V.; Akovantseva, A. A.; Timashev, P. S.; Mulkidjanian, A. Y.; Bagratashvili, V. N.; Shaitan, K. V.; Kirpichnikov, M. P. ; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2012Conformational changes of the betaine transporter BetP from Corynebacterium glutamicum studied by pulse EPR spectroscopyNicklisch, S. C. T.; Wunnicke, D.; Borovykh, I. V.; Morbach, S.; Klare, J. P.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Kraemer, R.
2015Conformational dynamics of a histidine ABC- and an ECF-Type biotin transporter studied by DEERSippach, M.; Finkenwirth, F.; Heuveling, J. ; Eitinger, T.; Schneider, E.; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2017Conformational dynamics of the Na+/H+ antiporter studied by EPR spectroscopyDunkel, S.; Padan, E.; Masrati, G.; Ben Tal, N.; Klare, J. P.; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2019Detergent-free solubilization of human Kv channels expressed in mammalian cellsKarlova, M. G.; Voskoboynikova, N. ; Gluhov, G. S. ; Abramochkin, D.; Malak, O. A.; Mulkidzhanyan, A.; Loussouarn, G.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Shaitan, K. V.; Sokolova, O. S.
2015Functional reconstitution of integral membrane proteins into polymer supported membranesBirkholz, O.; Baving, M.; Richter, C. P.; Schneider, M.; Cross, S.; Klare, J. ; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Scheibe, R. ; Peel, S.; Piehler, J. 
2006High-field EPR and site-directed spin labeling reveal a periodical polarity profile: The sequence 88 to 94 of the phototransducer NpHtrII in complex with sensory rhodopsin, NpSRIIBrutlach, H.; Bordignon, E.; Urban, L.; Klare, J. P.; Reyher, H. -J.; Engelhard, M.; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2014Hydrogen bonding of nitroxide spin labels in membrane proteinsGast, P.; Herbonnet, R. T. L.; Klare, J. ; Nalepa, A.; Rickert, C.; Stellinga, D.; Urban, L.; Moebius, K.; Savitsky, A.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Groenen, E. J. J.
2015In vivo EPR on spin labeled colicin A reveals an oligomeric assembly of the pore-forming domain in E. coli membranesDunkel, S.; Pulagam, L. P.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Klare, J. P.
2015Light-induced switching of HAMP domain conformation and dynamics by time-resolved EPR spectroscopyKlose, D. ; Orekhov, P. S.; Voskoboynikova, N. ; Rickert, C.; Mulkidjanian, A. Y.; Shaitan, K. V.; Engelhard, M.; Klare, J. P.; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2013Nanostructured biomaterials/biofluids interface processes: Titanium effect on methaemoglobin adsorption on titanosilicate microspheresPonta, O.; Gruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Oprea, B.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.
2015Orthogonal spin labeling of proteins using Click Chemistry for in vitro and in vivo applicationsSuvorina, S.; Klose, D. ; Korneev, S. ; Grohmann, D. ; Lemke, E.; Klare, J. ; Steinhoff, H. -J.
2012Oxidation of cardiolipin in liposomes: A new insight into the primary steps of mitochondria-triggered apoptosisLokhmatikov, A. V.; Voskoboynikova, N. ; Cherepanov, D. A.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Skulachev, V. P.; Mulkidjanian, A. Y.
2014Prevention of peroxidation of cardiolipin liposomes by quinol-based antioxidantsLokhmatikov, A. V.; Voskoboynikova, N. E.; Cherepanov, D. A.; Sumbatyan, N. V.; Korshunova, G. A.; Skulachev, M. V.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Skulachev, V. P.; Mulkidjanian, A. Y.
2012Structural changes of methemoglobin after adsorption on bioactive glass, as a function of surface functionalization and salt concentrationGruian, C.; Vulpoi, A.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.
2012Structure and conformational dynamics of the sodium/proline transporter PutP based on protein chemical and EPR spectroscopic analysesHilger, D.; Raba, M.; Lipiszko, K.; Polyhach, Y.; Jeschke, G.; Dunkel, S.; Klare, J. ; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Bracher, S.; Quick, Matthias; Jung, H.
2013Structure and Dynamics of Spin-Labeled Insulin Entrapped in a Silica Matrix by the Sol-Gel MethodVanea, E.; Gruian, C.; Rickert, C.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, V.
2013The Attachment Affinity of Hemoglobin toward Silver-Containing Bioactive Glass Functionalized with GlutaraldehydeGruian, C.; Vulpoi, A.; Vanea, E.; Oprea, B.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.