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2010Characterization of Horizontal Lipid Bilayers as a Model System to Study Lipid Phase SeparationHonigmann, Alf; Walter, Claudius; Erdmann, Frank; Eggeling, Christian; Wagner, Richard 
2012Horizontal Bilayer for Electrical and Optical RecordingsBartsch, Philipp; Walter, Claudius; Selenschik, Philipp; Honigmann, Alf; Wagner, Richard 
2015Mitochondrial Protein Import ChannelsWagner, Richard ; Schmedt, David; Hanhart, Patrizia; Walter, Claudius; Meisinger, Christof; Bartsch, Philipp
2012Specific DNA Duplex Formation at an Artificial Lipid Bilayer: towards a New DNA Biosensor TechnologyWerz, Emma; Korneev, Sergei ; Montilla-Martinez, Malayko; Wagner, Richard ; Hemmler, Roland; Walter, Claudius; Eisfeld, Joerg; Gall, Karsten; Rosemeyer, Helmut