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2015Sign change in the tunnel magnetoresistance of Fe3O4/MgO/Co-Fe-B magnetic tunnel junctions depending on the annealing temperature and the interface treatmentMarnitz, L.; Rott, K.; Niehoerster, S.; Klewe, C.; Meier, D.; Fabretti, S.; Witziok, M.; Krampf, A.; Kuschel, O.; Schemme, T. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Thomas, A.; Reiss, G.; Kuschel, T. 
2016Structural, magnetic, and Magneto optical properties of Fe3O4/NiO bilayers on MgO(001)Wollschläger, J. ; Schemme, T. ; Kuschel, O.; Witziok, M.; Kuschel, T. ; Kuepper, K.