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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A holographic method for the determination of all linear electrooptic coefficients applied to Ce-doped strontium-barium-niobateDorfler, UB; Piechatzek, R; Woike, T; Imlau, MK; Wirth, V; Bohaty, L; Volk, T; Pankrath, R; Wohlecke, M
2004Aging of the ferroelectric hysteresis in Ce-doped Strontium-Barium-Niobate observed by holographic phase gratingsDorfler, U; Granzow, T; Woike, T; Wohlecke, M; Pankrath, R; Imlau, M 
2004Angular and wavelength selectivity of parasitic holograms in cerium doped strontium barium niobateEllabban, MA; Fally, M; Imlau, M ; Woike, T; Rupp, RA; Granzow, T
2000Atomic force microscopy of domains and volume holograms in Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 : Ce3+Wang, YG; Kleemann, W; Woike, T; Pankrath, R
2003Beam fanning reversal in the ferroelectic relaxor Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 at high external electric fieldsGoulkov, M; Imlau, M ; Granzow, T; Woike, T
2004Beam fanning used to study thermal disorder and decay of polar structures in the ferroelectric relaxor Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6Goulkov, M; Shinkarenko, O; Granzow, T; Woike, T; Imlau, M 
2004Change from 3D-Ising to random field-Ising-model criticality in a uniaxial relaxor ferroelectricGranzow, T; Woike, T; Wohlecke, M; Imlau, M ; Kleemann, W
2005Comment on ``Theoretical study of the photoinduced transfer among the ground state and two metastable states in [Fe(CN)(5)NO](2-)'' [J. Chem. Phys. 122, 074314 (2005)]Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Delley, B; Schefer, J; Imlau, M 
2004Composition dependence of the phase transition temperature in SrxBa1-xNb2O6David, C; Granzow, T; Tunyagi, A; Wohlecke, M; Woike, T; Betzler, K; Ulex, M; Imlau, M ; Pankrath, R
2002Crystal structure analysis and extremely long-living light-induced metastable states in RbY[Fe(CN)(5)NO](2) center dot 10 H2O and CsY[Fe(CN)(5) NO](2) center dot 10 H2OWoike, T; Held, P; Muhlberg, M; Imlau, M 
2002Domain response features of SBN : CeLehnen, P; Dec, J; Kleemann, W; Woike, T; Pankrath, R
2001Dynamic light scattering at domains and nanoclusters in a relaxor ferroelectricKleemann, W; Licinio, P; Woike, T; Pankrath, R
2005Evidence for light-induced hole polarons in LiNbO3Herth, P; Granzow, T; Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E
2005Evidence of four light-induced metastable states in iron-nitrosyl complexesSchaniel, D; Woike, T; Tsankov, L; Imlau, M 
2002Evidence of random electric fields in the relaxor-ferroelectric Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6Granzow, T; Dorfler, U; Woike, T; Wohlecke, M; Pankrath, R; Imlau, M ; Kleemann, W
1998Ferroelectric and optical hysteresis in SBN doped with rare earth elementsWoike, T; Volk, T; Dorfler, U; Pankrath, R; Ivleva, L; Wohlecke, M
2001Ferroelectric domains in the uniaxial relaxor system SBN : Ce, Cr and CoLehnen, P; Beckers, E; Kleemann, W; Woike, T; Pankrath, R
2001Ferroelectric nanodomains in the uniaxial relaxor system Sr0.61-xBa0.39Nb2O6 : Ce-x(3+)Lehnen, P; Kleemann, W; Woike, T; Pankrath, R
1997Ferroelectric phenomena in holographic properties of strontium-barium niobate crystals doped with rare-earth elementsVolk, T; Woike, T; Doerfler, U; Pankrath, R; Ivleva, L; Woehlecke, M
2002Holographic light scattering in photorefractive crystals with local responseGoulkov, M; Odoulov, S; Woike, T; Imbrock, J; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E; Baumer, C; Hesse, H