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2008Domain compliance and elastic power transmission in rotary FOFl-ATPaseSielaff, Hendrik; Rennekamp, Henning; Waechter, Andre; Xie, Hao; Hilbers, Florian; Feldbauer, Katrin; Dunn, Stanley D.; Engelbrecht, Siegfried; Junge, Wolfgang 
2001F-ATPase: Forced full rotation of the rotor despite covalent cross-link with the statorGumbiowski, K; Cherepanov, D; Muller, M; Panke, O; Promto, P; Winkler, S; Junge, W ; Engelbrecht, S
2000F-ATPase: specific observation of the rotating c subunit oligomer of EFoEF1Panke, O; Gumbiowski, K; Junge, W ; Engelbrecht, S
1999On the stator of rotary ATP synthase: The binding strength of subunit delta to (alpha beta)(3) as determined by fluorescence correlation spectroscopyHasler, K; Panke, O; Junge, W 
2005Proton slip in the ATP synthase of Rhodobacter capsulatus: induction, proton conduction, and nucleotide dependenceFeniouk, BA; Mulkidjanian, AY; Junge, W 
2013Reconstitution of the Catalytic Core of F-ATPase (alpha beta)(3)gamma from Escherichia coli Using Chemically Synthesized Subunit gammaWintermann, Frank; Engelbrecht, Siegfried
2002Rotation of the c subunit oligomer in EF0EF1 mutant cD61NGumbiowski, K; Panke, O; Junge, W ; Engelbrecht, S
2001The structure of the V-1-ATPase determined by three-dimensional electron microscopy of single particlesRadermacher, M; Ruiz, T; Wieczorek, H ; Gruber, G
2013The Torque of Rotary F-ATPase Can Unfold Subunit Gamma If Rotor and Stator Are Cross-LinkedHilbers, Florian; Junge, Wolfgang ; Sielaff, Hendrik
2011Two rotary motors in F-ATP synthase are elastically coupled by a flexible rotor and a stiff stator stalkWaechter, Andre; Bi, Yumin; Dunn, Stanley D.; Cain, Brian D.; Sielaff, Hendrik; Wintermann, Frank; Engelbrecht, Siegfried; Junge, Wolfgang 
2001Viscoelastic dynamics of actin filaments coupled to rotary F-ATPase: Curvature as an indicator of the torqueCherepanov, DA; Junge, W