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1999ATP synthase and other motor proteinsJunge, W 
1997ATP synthase: A tentative structural modelEngelbrecht, S; Junge, W 
1997ATP synthase: an electrochemical transducer with rotatory mechanicsJunge, W ; Lill, H; Engelbrecht, S
1999F-0 complex of the Escherichia coli ATP synthase - Not all monomers of the subunit c oligomer are involved in F-1 interactionBirkenhager, R; Greie, JC; Altendorf, K ; Deckers-Hebestreit, G 
2001Inter-subunit rotation and elastic power transmission in F0F1-ATPaseJunge, W ; Panke, O; Cherepanov, DA; Gumbiowski, K; Muller, M; Engelbrecht, S
1999On the stator of rotary ATP synthase: The binding strength of subunit delta to (alpha beta)(3) as determined by fluorescence correlation spectroscopyHasler, K; Panke, O; Junge, W 
2000The ATP synthase of Escherichia coli: structure and function of F-0 subunitsDeckers-Hebestreit, G ; Greie, JC; Stalz, WD; Altendorf, K 
1999Transient accumulation of elastic energy in proton translocating ATP synthaseCherepanov, DA; Mulkidjanian, AY; Junge, W