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2018High-Resolution UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery for LAI and Chlorophyll Estimations from Wheat for Yield PredictionKanning, Martin; Kuehling, Insa; Trautz, Dieter; Jarmer, Thomas 
2021Novel Smart Air Quality Monitoring System Based on UAV QuadrotorZareb, M.; Bakhti, B.; Bouzid, Y.; Kadourbenkada, H.; Bouzgou, K.; Nouibat, W.
2022ReconfROS: An approach for accelerating ROS nodes on reconfigurable SoCsEisoldt, Marc; Flottmann, Marcel; Gaal, Julian; Hinderink, Steffen; Vana, Juri; Tassemeier, Marco; Rothmann, Marc; Wiemann, Thomas ; Porrmann, Mario 
2021ReconfROS: Running ROS on reconfigurable SoCsEisoldt, M.; Hinderink, S.; Tassemeier, M.; Flottmann, M.; Vana, J.; Wiemann, T. ; Gaal, J.; Rothmann, M.; Porrmann, M. 
2023ReDroSe - Reconfigurable Drone Setup for Resource-Efficient SLAMRahn, Sebastian; Gehricke, Philipp; Petermöller, Can-Leon; Neumann, Eric; Schlinge, Philipp; Rabius, Leon; Termühlen, Henning; Sieh, Christopher; Tassemeier, Marco; Wiemann, Thomas; Porrmann, Mario
2022Systematic Approach for Remote Sensing of Historical Conflict Landscapes with UAV-Based LaserscanningStorch, Marcel; Jarmer, Thomas ; Adam, Mirjam; de Lange, Norbert