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Engel, Stefanie
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Engel, Stefanie
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12015The Devil in the Detail: A Practical Guide on Designing Payments for Environmental ServicesEngel, Stefanie 
22015Designing REDD plus schemes when forest users are not forest landowners: Evidence from a survey-based experiment in KenyaVeronesi, Marcella; Reutemann, Tim; Zabel, Astrid; Engel, Stefanie 
32015Payments for ecosystem services as a mechanism to promote biodiversity conservation in a green economy: Potentials and limitationsEngel, S. ; Wünscher, T.
42015The Devil in the Detail: A Practical Guide on Designing Payments for Environmental ServicesEngel, Stefanie 
52016How (not) to pay - Field experimental evidence on the design of REDD plus paymentsReutemann, Tim; Engel, Stefanie ; Pareja, Eliana
62016How (Not) to Pay – The Impact of Conditionality Design on the Cost-Effectiveness of Payments for Avoided DeforestationReutemann, Tim; Engel, Stefanie ; Pareja, Eliana
72016Consistency of Risk Preference Measures and the Role of Ambiguity: An Artefactual Field Experiment from ChinaHe, Pan; Veronesi, Marcella; Engel, Stefanie 
82016Payments for environmental services to promote ``climate-smart agriculture''? Potential and challengesEngel, Stefanie ; Muller, Adrian
92016Payments for Environmental Services to Promote Climate-Smart Agriculture? Potential and ChallengesEngel, Stefanie ; Müller, Adrian
102017Can soil-less crop production be a sustainable option for soil conservation and future agriculture?Muller, A.; Ferre, M.; Engel, S. ; Gattinger, A.; Holzkamper, A.; Huber, R.; Mueller, M.; Six, J.
112018Which Agglomeration Payment for a Sustainable Management of Organic Soils in Switzerland? - An Experiment Accounting for Farmers' Cost HeterogeneityFerre, Marie; Engel, Stefanie ; Gsottbauer, Elisabeth
122018Consistency of Risk Preference Measures: An Artefactual Field Experiment from Rural ChinaHe, Pan; Veronesi, Marcella; Engel, Stefanie 
132018From principles to practice in paying for nature's servicesWunder, S.; Brouwer, R.; Engel, S. ; Ezzine-De-Blas, D.; Muradian, R.; Pascual, U.; Pinto, R.
142019Requirements Based Design of Environmental System of Systems: Development and Application of a Nexus Design FrameworkHeitmann, Fabian; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia ; Engel, Stefanie 
152019Sustainable management of cultivated peatlands in Switzerland: Insights, challenges, and opportunitiesFerre, Marie; Muller, Adrian; Leifeld, Jens; Bader, Cedric; Mueller, Moritz; Engel, Stefanie ; Wichmann, Sabine
162019Policies as information carriers: How environmental policies may change beliefs and consequent behaviorKoessler, Ann-Kathrin; Engel, Stefanie 
172019Policies As Information Carriers: How Environmental Policies May Change Beliefs and Consequent BehaviorKoessler, Ann-Kathrin; Engel, Stefanie 
182019Greening the common agricultural policy: a behavioural perspective and lab-in-the-field experiment in GermanyThomas, Fabian ; Midler, Estelle; Lefebvre, Marianne; Engel, Stefanie 
192019Guest editorial special issue on payments for forest watershed servicesEngel, Stefanie ; Ovando, Paola
202020Payments for ecosystem services or collective stewardship of Mother Earth? Applying deliberative valuation in an indigenous community in ColombiaLliso, Bosco; Pascual, Unai; Engel, Stefanie ; Mariel, Petr