Ruffing, Eva

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Ruffing, Eva
Ruffing, E
Ruffing, Eva
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12020Learning in iterated consultation procedures - The example of the German electricity grid demand planningFink, Simon; Ruffing, Eva 
22020Stakeholder consultations as reputation-building: a comparison of ACER and the German Federal Network AgencyFink, Simon; Ruffing, Eva 
32021Less complex language, more participation: how consultation documents shape participatory patternsFink, Simon; Ruffing, Eva ; Burst, Tobias; Chinnow, Sara Katharina
42022Questioning Evidence: Three Modes of ContestationBarlösius, Eva; Ruffing, Eva 
52022European (networked) agencies between independence and influenceRuffing, Eva 
62023New avenues in implementation research: departmental and partisan struggles in tobacco controlPollex, Jan; Ruffing, Eva 
72023The European administrative space over time mapping the formal independence of EU agenciesRuffing, Eva ; Weinrich, Martin; Rittberger, Berthold; Wonka, Arndt
82023Differentiated policy implementation in the European UnionZhelyazkova, Asya; Thomann, Eva; Ruffing, Eva ; Princen, Sebastiaan
92023The game of energy transition: A game theoretical perspective on public participation procedures in infrastructure planningRuffing, Eva ; Brendler, Viktoria
102023National enforcers and European networks as engines for enforcement cooperationRuffing, Eva 
112023Emotional citizens, detached interest groups? The use of emotional language in public policy consultationsFink, Simon; Ruffing, Eva ; Burst, Tobias; Chinnow, Sara Katharina