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20153D-localization microscopy and tracking of FoF1-ATP synthases in living bacteriaRenz, A.; Renz, M.; Klütsch, D.; Deckers-Hebestreit, G. ; Börsch, M.
2001Chaos and fractals in fish school motionTikhonov, DA; Enderlein, J ; Malchow, H ; Medvinsky, AB
2021Nanoscopic anatomy of dynamic multi-protein complexes at membranes resolved by graphene-induced energy transferFuellbrunn, Nadia; Li, Zehao; Jorde, Lara; Richter, Christian P.; Kurre, Rainer ; Langemeyer, Lars; Yu, Changyuan; Meyer, Carola ; Enderlein, Jorg ; Ungermann, Christian ; Piehler, Jacob ; You, Changjiang 
2016Observing single FoF1-ATP synthase at work using an improved fluorescent protein mNeonGreen as FRET donorHeitkamp, T.; Deckers-Hebestreit, G. ; Börsch, M.
2016Optimized green fluorescent protein fused to FoF1-ATP synthase for single-molecule FRET using a fast anti-Brownian electrokinetic trapDienerowitz, M.; Ilchenko, M.; Su, B.; Deckers-Hebestreit, G. ; Mayer, G.; Henkel, T.; Heitkamp, T.; Börsch, M.