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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A spatially explicit assessment of the wind energy potential in response to an increased distance between wind turbines and settlements in GermanyMasurowski, Frank; Drechsler, Martin; Frank, Karin 
2019Agricultural landscape generators for simulation models: A review of existing solutions and an outline of future directionsLanghammer, Maria; Thober, Jule; Lange, Martin; Frank, Karin ; Grimm, Volker
2016Assessing Regional-Scale Impacts of Short Rotation Coppices on Ecosystem Services by Modeling Land-Use DecisionsSchulze, Jule; Frank, Karin ; Priess, Joerg A.; Meyer, Markus A.
2015Assessing the structural adequacy of alternative ecohydrological models using a pattern-oriented approachArnold, S.; Attinger, S.; Frank, K. ; Hildebrandt, A.
2016Bacterial Dispersal Promotes Biodegradation in Heterogeneous Systems Exposed to Osmotic StressWorrich, Anja; Koenig, Sara; Banitz, Thomas; Centler, Florian; Frank, Karin ; Thullner, Martin; Harms, Hauke; Miltner, Anja; Wick, Lukas Y.; Kaestner, Matthias
2020Chlorophyll a relationships with nutrients and temperature, and predictions for lakes across perialpine and Balkan mountain regionsKaercher, Oskar; Filstrup, Christopher T.; Brauns, Mario; Tasevska, Orhideja; Patceva, Suzana; Hellwig, Niels; Walz, Ariane; Frank, Karin ; Markovic, Danijela
2023Creating virtual forests around the globe and analysing their state spaceHenniger, Hans; Huth, Andreas ; Frank, Karin ; Bohn, Friedrich J.
2023Determinants of Household Vulnerability in Networks with Formal Insurance and Informal Risk-SharingWill, Meike; Groeneveld, Jürgen; Lenel, Friederike; Frank, Karin ; Müller, Birgit
2019Disturbance Size Can Be Compensated for by Spatial Fragmentation in Soil Microbial EcosystemsKoenig, Sara; Koehnke, Merlin C.; Firle, Anouk-Letizia; Banitz, Thomas; Centler, Florian; Frank, Karin ; Thullner, Martin
2019Ecological Vulnerability Through Insurance? Potential Unintended Consequences of Livestock Drought InsuranceJohn, Felix; Toth, Russell; Frank, Karin ; Groeneveld, Juergen; Mueller, Birgit
2016Ecosystem Management Along Ephemeral Rivers: Trading Off Socio-Economic Water Supply and Vegetation Conservation under Flood Regime UncertaintyArnold, S.; Attinger, S.; Frank, K. ; Baxter, P.; Possingham, H.; Hildebrandt, A.
2012Forest vs. fuel - How could the politically fostered demand for energy crops influence the effectiveness of REDD+ instruments?Weise, H.; Gawel, E.; Frank, K. 
2020Formalising theories of human decision-making for agent-based modelling of social-ecological systems: practical lessons learned and ways forwardSchwarz, Nina; Dressler, Gunnar; Frank, Karin ; Jager, Wander; Janssen, Marco A.; Müller, Birgit; Schlüter, Maja; Wijermans, Nanda; Groeneveld, Jürgen
2019Freshwater species distributions along thermal gradientsKaercher, Oskar; Hering, Daniel; Frank, Karin ; Markovic, Danijela
2018Functional Resistance to Recurrent Spatially Heterogeneous Disturbances Is Facilitated by Increased Activity of Surviving Bacteria in a Virtual EcosystemKoenig, Sara; Worrich, Anja; Banitz, Thomas; Harms, Hauke; Kaestner, Matthias; Miltner, Anja; Wick, Lukas Y.; Frank, Karin ; Thullner, Martin; Centler, Florian
2014How do individual farmers' objectives influence the evaluation of rangeland management strategies under a variable climate?Jakoby, Oliver; Quaas, Martin F.; Mueller, Birgit; Baumgaertner, Stefan; Frank, Karin 
2014How much climate change can pastoral livelihoods tolerate? Modelling rangeland use and evaluating riskMartin, Romina; Mueller, Birgit; Linstaedter, Anja; Frank, Karin 
2019Implications of behavioral change for the resilience of pastoral systems-Lessons from an agent-based modelDressler, Gunnar; Groeneveld, Juergen; Buchmann, Carsten M.; Guo, Cheng; Hase, Niklas; Thober, Jule; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2021Informal risk-sharing between smallholders may be threatened by formal insurance: Lessons from a stylized agent-based modelWill, Meike; Groeneveld, Juergen; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit
2016Livelihood security in face of drought - Assessing the vulnerability of pastoral householdsMartin, Romina; Linstaedter, Anja; Frank, Karin ; Mueller, Birgit