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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A conditional testing approach to unorthodox forms of interactionSchneider, R; Kuhl, J ; Walach, H
2018A Cross-Cultural Validation of the Implicit Positive and Negative Affect Test (IPANAT) Results From Ten Countries Across Three ContinentsQuirin, Markus; Wrobel, Monika; Pala, Andrea Norcini; Stieger, Stefan; Brosschot, Jos; Kazen, Miguel; Hicks, Joshua A.; Mitina, Olga; Shanchuan, Dong; Lasauskaite, Ruta; Silvestrini, Nicolas; Steca, Patrizia; Padun, Maria A.; Kuhl, Julius 
2001A Functional Approach to MotivationKuhl, Julius 
2001A functional approach to motivation: The role of goal-enactment and self-regulation in current research on approach and avoidance.Kuhl, Julius 
2008A meaning of person's character and behavioral style considering different degree of suffering in patients with Psoriasis vulgarisBahmer, J.; Kuhl, J. 
1988A Motivational Approach to Volition: Activation and De-Activation of Memory Representations Related to Uncompleted IntentionsKuhl, Julius ; Kazen-Saad, Miguel
2023A Stochastic Model of Personality Differences Based on PSI TheoryHoy, Molly; Fritsch, Sarah; Broecker, Thomas; Kuhl, Julius ; Siekmann, Ivo
1987Action Control: The Maintenance of Motivational StatesKuhl, Julius 
2011Adaptive and Maladaptive Pathways of Self-Development: Mental Health and Interactions Among Personality SystemsKuhl, Julius 
2007Affect sensitivity and affect regulation in dealing with positive and negative affectBaumann, Nicola; Kaschel, Reiner; Kuhl, Julius 
2022Affective Change for Action Control and Self-Growth in CoachingEngel, Anna; Kuhl, Julius 
2018Affekte und Handlungsregulation beim CoachingEngel, Anna Maria; Kuhl, Julius 
2004Alienation as a determinant of symptom formation: Self-regulation of affect and integrative competenceKuhl, J ; Kaschel, R
2014Anwendung der PSI-Theorie im CoachingKuhl, Julius ; Strehlau, Alexandra
2011Appraisal of Suicidal Risk Among Adolescents and Young Adults Through the Rorschach TestBlasczyk-Schiep, Sybilla; Kazen, Miguel; Kuhl, Julius ; Grygielski, Michal
2019Autonomous Motivation, Internalization, and the SelfQuirin, Markus; Tops, Mattie; Kuhl, Julius 
2016Bad Roots to Grow: Deficient Implicit Self-Evaluations in Chronic Depression With an Early Onsetvan Randenborgh, Annette; Pawelzik, Markus; Quirin, Markus; Kuhl, Julius 
2011Begabungsförderung als pädagogische Aufgabe : Grundlegungen zu einem inklusiven BegabungsbegriffSchwer, Christina; Doll, Inga; Behrensen, Birgit; Kruse-Heine, Michaela; Müller-Using, Susanne ; Sauerhering, Meike; Solzbacher, Claudia ; Warnecke, Wiebke
2020Being Oneself: The Functional Basis of Authenticity and Self-DevelopmentKuhl, Julius