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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A taxonomy of environmentally scaffolded affectivityConinx, S.; Stephan, A. 
2009Affect programs and feelingsStephan, A. 
2008Affective intentionality and self-consciousnessSlaby, Jan; Stephan, Achim 
2010An Emergentist's Perspective on the Problem of Free WillStephan, A. 
2004Are animals "dull"? [Sind Tiere "schwer von Begriff"?]Stephan, A. 
2004Are animals `slow-witted'? (Intelligence)Stephan, A 
2010Are deliberations and decisions emergent, if free?Stephan, A. 
2018Autonomous Vehicles Require Socio-Political Acceptance-An Empirical and Philosophical Perspective on the Problem of Moral Decision MakingBergmann, Lasse T.; Schlicht, Larissa; Meixner, Carmen; Koenig, Peter ; Pipa, Gordon ; Boshammer, Susanne ; Stephan, Achim 
2023Colorism in the Indian subcontinent-insights through situated affectivityBajwa, Marium Javaid; von Maur, Imke; Stephan, Achim 
2012Communication and cooperation in living beings and artificial agentsStephan, A. ; Lenzen, M.; Call, J.; Uhl, M.
2015Consciousness: Emergent and RealMaleeh, Reza; Stephan, Achim 
2011Could positive affect help engineer robot control systems?Quirin, Markus; Hertzberg, Joachim ; Kuhl, Julius ; Stephan, Achim 
2012Depression as an Action DisorderSlaby, Jan; Stephan, Achim 
2013Dynamical SystemStephan, Achim 
2006Embodied targets, or the origins of mind-toolsSlaby, J; Katz, G; Kuhnberger, KU ; Stephan, A 
2007EmergenceRichardson, Robert C.; Stephan, Achim 
2005Emergence and Its Place in Nature: A Case Study of Biochemical NetworksBoogerd, Fred C.; Bruggeman, Frank J.; Richardson, Robert M.; Stephan, Achim ; Westerhoff, Hans V.
2013Emergence, Theories ofStephan, Achim 
2023Emotional abilities and art experience in autism spectrum disorderCoelho, Sara; Vendrell Ferran, Ingrid; Stephan, Achim