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20185-Aza-7-deaza-2 `-deoxyguanosine and 2 `-Deoxycytidine Form Programmable Silver-Mediated Base Pairs with Metal Ions in the Core of the DNA Double HelixGuo, Xiurong; Leonard, Peter; Ingale, Sachin A.; Liu, Jiang; Mei, Hui; Sieg, Martha; Seela, Frank
2017Anomeric 2'-Deoxycytidines and Silver Ions: Hybrid Base Pairs with Greatly Enhanced Stability and Efficient DNA Mismatch Detection with alpha-dCGuo, Xiurong; Seela, Frank
2017Gemcitabine, Pyrrologemcitabine, and 2 `-Fluoro-2 `-Deoxycytidines: Synthesis, Physical Properties, and Impact of Sugar Fluorination on Silver Ion Mediated Base PairingGuo, Xiurong; Leonard, Peter; Ingale, Sachin A.; Seela, Frank
2020Heterochiral DNA with Complementary Strands with alpha-dand beta-dConfigurations: Hydrogen-Bonded and Silver-Mediated Base Pairs with Impact of 7-Deazapurines Replacing PurinesChai, Yingying; Guo, Xiurong; Leonard, Peter; Seela, Frank
2017Mercury(II)-mediated base pairs in DNA: unexpected behavior in metal ion binding and duplex stability induced by 2 `-deoxyuridine 5-substituentsGuo, Xiurong; Ingale, Sachin A.; Yang, Haozhe; He, Yang; Seela, Frank
2015Robust silver-mediated imidazolo-dC base pairs in metal DNA: dinuclear silver bridges with exceptional stability in double helices with parallel and antiparallel strand orientationJana, Sunit Kumar; Guo, Xiurong; Mei, Hui; Seela, Frank
2017Silver-Mediated Base Pairs in DNA Incorporating Purines, 7-Deazapurines, and 8-Aza-7-deazapurines: Impact of Reduced Nucleobase Binding Sites and an Altered Glycosylation PositionZhao, Hang; Leonard, Peter; Guo, Xiurong; Yang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
2019Silver-Mediated Homochiral and Heterochiral alpha-dC/beta-dC Base Pairs: Synthesis of alpha-dC through Glycosylation and Impact of Consecutive, Isolated, and Multiple Metal Ion Pairs on DNA StabilityChai, Yingying; Leonard, Peter; Guo, Xiurong; Seela, Frank