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2008Albumin Adsorption on the Surface of Iron Containing AluminosilicatesSimon, V.; Cavalu, S.; Prinz, M.; Vanea, E.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2009Atomic environment in sol-gel derived nanocrystalline hydroxyapatiteSimon, V.; Lazar, D.; Turcu, R. V. F.; Mocuta, H.; Magyari, K.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2009Charge order, enhanced orbital moment, and absence of magnetic frustration in layered multiferroic LuFe2O4Kuepper, K.; Raekers, M.; Taubitz, C.; Prinz, M.; Derks, C.; Neumann, M.; Postnikov, A. V.; de Groot, F. M. F.; Piamonteze, C.; Prabhakaran, D.; Blundell, S. J.
2009Electronic and magnetic structure of RScO3 (R=Sm,Gd,Dy) from x-ray spectroscopies and first-principles calculationsRaekers, M.; Kuepper, K.; Bartkowski, S.; Prinz, M.; Postnikov, A. V.; Potzger, K.; Zhou, S.; Arulraj, A.; Stuesser, N.; Uecker, R.; Yang, W. L.; Neumann, M.
2007Insight to UV-induced formation of laser damage on LiB3O5 optical surfaces during long-term sum-frequency generationMoeller, S.; Andresen, A.; Merschjann, C.; Zimmermann, B.; Prinz, M.; Imlau, M. 
2009Investigation of KYF4: Yb,Er//KYF4 nanocrystals mechanism of the KYF4 formationSchaefer, H.; Ptacek, P.; Hickmann, K.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.; Haase, M. 
2006Magnetic and electronic properties of the iron-containing polyoxotungstate [Fe-4(H2O)(10)(beta-SbW9O33)(2)](6-)Prinz, M.; Takacs, A. F.; Schnack, J. ; Balasz, I.; Burzo, E.; Kortz, U.; Kuepper, K.; Neumann, M.
2009Surface functionalisation of sol-gel derived aluminosilicates in simulated body fluidsSimon, V.; Cavalu, S.; Simon, S.; Mocuta, H.; Vanea, E.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.
2007X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of composite glass fillersSimon, V.; Colceriu, A.; Prejmerean, C.; Moldovan, M.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.