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2013Assembly of IFNAR1/IFNAR2 is regulated by ubiquitin specific protease 18Wilmes, Stephan; Li, Zhi; Hoette, Katharina; Beutel, Oliver; Kroll, Cindy; Roder, Friedrich; Hanhart, Patrizia; Janning, Dennis; You, Changjiang ; Richter, Christian Paolo; Francois-Newton, Veronique; Uze, Gilles; Pellegrini, Sandra; Piehler, Jacob 
2015Clustering and Dynamics of Phototransducer Signaling Domains Revealed by Site-Directed Spin Labeling Electron Paramagnetic Resonance on SRII/HtrII in Membranes and NanodiscsOrban-Glass, Ioan; Voskoboynikova, Natalia ; Busch, Karin B.; Klose, Daniel ; Rickert, Christian; Mosslehy, Wageiha ; Roder, Friedrich; Wilkens, Verena; Piehler, Jacob ; Engelhard, Martin; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Klare, Johann P.
2012Controlled Protein Confinement in Phase-Separated Membranes Tethered onto Micro-Patterned SupportsRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Beutel, Oliver; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2013Diffusion and Interaction Dynamics of Individual Membrane Protein Complexes Confined in Micropatterned Polymer-Supported MembranesWaichman, Sharon; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian P.; Birkholz, Oliver; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Maleimide-based functional protein micro-patterningWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang ; Roder, Friedrich; Podoplelova, Yulia; Piehler, Jacob 
2014Polymer-supported membranes for quantitative analysis of membrane receptor interactions in a controlled lipid environmentRoder, Friedrich
2014Rapid Transfer of Transmembrane Proteins for Single Molecule Dimerization Assays in Polymer-Supported MembranesRoder, Friedrich; Wilmes, Stephan; Richter, Christian P.; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins into Polymer-Supported Membranes for Probing Diffusion and Interactions by Single Molecule TechniquesRoder, Friedrich; Waichman, Sharon; Paterok, Dirk; Schubert, Robin; Richter, Christian; Liedberg, Bo; Piehler, Jacob 
2010Self-Controlled Monofunctionalization of Quantum Dots for Multiplexed Protein Tracking in Live CellsYou, Changjiang ; Wilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Loechte, Sara; Podoplelowa, Yulia; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian; Seine, Thomas; Schaible, Dirk; Uze, Gilles; Clarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Dahan, Maxime; Piehler, Jacob 
2013Spatial Organization of Lipid Phases in Micropatterned Polymer-Supported MembranesRoder, Friedrich; Birkholz, Oliver; Beutel, Oliver; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
2011Triple-colour super-resolution imaging in living cellsStaufenbiel, Markus; Wilmes, Stephan; Lisse, Domenik; Roder, Friedrich; Beutel, Oliver; Richter, Christian; Piehler, Jacob 
2015Two-Dimensional Trap for Ultrasensitive Quantification of Transient Protein InteractionsBeutel, Oliver; Roder, Friedrich; Birkholz, Oliver; Rickert, Christian; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Grzybek, Michal; Coskun, Uenal; Piehler, Jacob