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Wahn, Basil
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12013Face selective areas in the human ventral stream exhibit a preference for 3/4 views in the fovea and peripheryKietzmann, T. C.; Wahn, B. ; Koenig, P. ; Tong, F.
22015Vision shares spatial attentional resources with haptics and audition, yet attentional load does not disrupt visuotactile or audiovisual integrationWahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
32015Audition and vision share spatial attentional resources, yet attentional load does not disrupt audiovisual integrationWahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
42015Vision and Haptics Share Spatial Attentional Resources and Visuotactile Integration Is Not Affected by High Attentional LoadWahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
52015Faculty Opinions recommendation of Predictive coding and multisensory integration: an attentional account of the multisensory mind.König, Peter; Wahn, Basil 
62015Faculty Opinions recommendation of Pupil size signals mental effort deployed during multiple object tracking and predicts brain activity in the dorsal attention network and the locus coeruleus.König, Peter; Wahn, Basil 
72016Benefiting from Being Alike: Interindividual Skill Differences Predict Collective Benefit in Joint Object ControlWahn, B. ; Schmitz, L.; König, P. ; Knoblich, G.
82016Multisensory teamwork: using a tactile or an auditory display to exchange gaze information improves performance in joint visual searchWahn, Basil ; Schwandt, Jessika; Krueger, Matti; Crafa, Daina; Nunnendorf, Vanessa; Koenig, Peter 
92016Learning New Sensorimotor Contingencies: Effects of Long-Term Use of Sensory Augmentation on the Brain and Conscious PerceptionKoenig, Sabine U.; Schumann, Frank; Keyser, Johannes ; Goeke, Caspar; Krause, Carina; Wache, Susan; Lytochkin, Aleksey; Ebert, Manuel; Brunsch, Vincent; Wahn, Basil ; Kaspar, Kai ; Nagel, Saskia K.; Meilinger, Tobias; Buelthoff, Heinrich; Wolbers, Thomas; Buechel, Christian; Koenig, Peter 
102016Pupil Sizes Scale with Attentional Load and Task Experience in a Multiple Object Tracking TaskWahn, Basil ; Ferris, Daniel P. ; Hairston, W. David ; Koenig, Peter 
112016Limitations of visuospatial attention (and how to circumvent them)Wahn, Basil 
122016Attentional Resource Allocation in Visuotactile Processing Depends on the Task, But Optimal Visuotactile Integration Does Not Depend on Attentional ResourcesWahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
132016Collaborative multiple object tracking: How many objects can you track and which ones did you pick?Wahn, Basil ; Kingstone, Alan; Koenig, Peter 
142016Faculty Opinions recommendation of Processing multiple visual objects is limited by overlap in neural channels.König, Peter; Wahn, Basil 
152017Two Trackers Are Better than One: Information about the Co-actor's Actions and Performance Scores Contribute to the Collective Benefit in a Joint Visuospatial TaskWahn, Basil ; Kingstone, Alan; Koenig, Peter 
162017Audiovisual integration is affected by performing a task jointlyWahn, B. ; Keshava, A. ; Sinnett, S. ; Kingstone, A.; König, P. 
172017Auditory Stimulus Detection Partially Depends on Visuospatial Attentional ResourcesWahn, Basil ; Murali, Supriya ; Sinnett, Scott ; Koenig, Peter 
182017Joint Action: Mental Representations, Shared Information and General Mechanisms for Coordinating with OthersVesper, Cordula; Abramova, Ekaterina; Butepage, Judith; Ciardo, Francesca; Crossey, Benjamin; Effenberg, Alfred; Hristova, Dayana; Karlinsky, April; McEllin, Luke; Nijssen, Sari R. R.; Schmitz, Laura; Wahn, Basil 
192017Is Attentional Resource Allocation Across Sensory Modalities Task-Dependent?Wahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
202017Pupil size asymmetries are modulated by an interaction between attentional load and task experienceWahn, Basil ; Ferris, Daniel P. ; Hairston, W. D. ; König, Peter