Walter, Sven

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Walter, Sven
Walter, S
Walter, Sven
Walter, S-M
Walter, S M
Walter, SM
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12007`Freiheit auf basis von natur?'Walter, Sven 
22007Determinables, determinates, and causal relevanceWalter, Sven 
32007The epistemological approach to mental causationWalter, Sven 
42008The Supervenience Argument, Overdetermination, and Causal Drainage: Assessing Kim's Master ArgumentWalter, Sven 
52008Physicalism, or something near enoughWalter, Sven 
62008Is the epiphenomenalism absurd? New view on the dead believed positionWalter, Sven 
72009The Bounds of CognitionWalter, Sven ; Kyselo, Miriam
82009Supersizing the MindKyselo, Miriam; Walter, Sven 
92009EpiphenomenalismWalter, S. 
102009The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of MindBeckermann, A.; McLaughlin, B.P.; Walter, S. 
112009Realization and mental causation [Realisierung und mentale Verursachung]Walter, S. 
122009Will Acts. On the Nature and Cultur of Self-MonitoringWalter, Sven 
132009Wie frei sind wir nun eigentlich – empirisch?Walter, Sven 
142009Realization and mental causationWalter, Sven 
152009Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted PsychologyWalter, Sven 
162010Cognitive extension: the parity argument, functionalism, and the mark of the cognitiveWalter, Sven 
172010Locked-in Syndrome, BCI, and a Confusion about Embodied, Embedded, Extended, and Enacted CognitionWalter, Sven 
182010Taking realization seriously: no cure for epiphobiaWalter, Sven 
192011Zombies, Dualism and PhysicalismWalter, Sven 
202011Belief integration in action: A defense of extended beliefsKyselo, Miriam; Walter, Sven