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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20003D imaging: Wave front sensing utilizing a birefringent crystalBuse, K; Luennemann, M
1997A high resolution real-time temporal heterodyne interferometer for refractive index topographyRickermann, F; Riehemann, S; vonBally, G; Breer, S; Buse, K
1997Activation of cerium-doped strontium-barium niobate for infrared holographic recordingGerwens, A; Simon, M; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
1997Alternating photocurrents and modulated photoconductivities in photorefractive sillenite crystalsGerwens, A; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
2002Atom lithography with a holographic light maskMutzel, M; Tandler, S; Haubrich, D; Meschede, D; Peithmann, K; Flaspohler, M; Buse, K
1996Avoiding hologram bending in photorefractive crystalsFreschi, AA; Garcia, PM; Rasnik, I; Frejlich, J; Buse, K
1998Characterization of photorefractive strontium-barium niobate with non-steady-state holographic photocurrentsKorneev, N; Mayorga, D; Stepanov, S; Gerwens, A; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
1998Charge-transport parameters of photorefractive strontium-barium niobate crystals doped with ceriumBuse, K; Gerwens, A; Wevering, S; Kratzig, E
2002Dark conductivity in copper-doped lithium niobate crystalsPeithmann, K; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
2003Determination of the composition of lithium tantalate crystals by zero-birefringence measurementsBaumer, C; Berben, D; Buse, K; Hesse, H; Imbrock, J
2001Development of thermally fixed holograms in photorefractive lithium-niobate crystals without lightBuse, K; Nee, I; Muller, M; Kratzig, E
2001Development of thermally fixed photorefractive holograms without lightNee, I; Muller, M; Buse, K
1996Diffraction efficiency enhancement of holographic gratings in Bi12Ti0.76V0.24O20 crystals after recordingRickermann, F; Riehemann, S; Buse, K; Dirksen, D; vonBally, G
1998Diffraction-efficiency enhancement of photorefractive gratings in Bi4Ti3O12 at low temperaturesYue, XF; Buse, K; Mersch, F; Kratzig, E; Rupp, RA
1999Dynamic bulk photovoltaic effect in photorefractive barium calcium titanateKorneev, N; Mayorga, D; Veenhuis, H; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
1998Electrooptic and photorefractive properties of ferroelectric barium-calcium titanate crystalsKuper, C; Buse, K; Van Stevendaal, U; Weber, M; Leidlo, T; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E
1998Enhancement of the photorefractive effect by homogeneous pyroelectric fieldsKorneev, N; Mayorga, D; Stepanov, S; Gerwens, A; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
2003Feedback-controlled two-wave coupling in reflection geometry: application to lithium niobate crystals subjected to extremely high external electric fieldsGorkunov, M; Sturman, B; Luennemann, M; Buse, K
2001Growth and holographic characterization of nonstoichiometric sillenite-type crystalsVogt, H; Buse, K; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E; Garcia, RR
1998Hall measurements with photorefractive strontium barium niobate by application of a non-steady-state photocurrent methodGerwens, A; Buse, K; Kratzig, E; Korneev, N; Stepanov, S