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2012An ATP-driven potassium pump promotes long-term survival of Halobacterium salinarum within salt crystalsKixmueller, Dorthe; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2011Archaeal transcriptional regulation of the prokaryotic KdpFABC complex mediating K+ uptake in H. salinarumKixmueller, Dorthe; Strahl, Henrik; Wende, Andy; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2007Common patterns and unique features of P-type ATPases: a comparative view on the KdpFABC complex from Escherichia coliBramkamp, Marc; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2012Construction and Characterization of a Gradually Inducible Expression Vector for Halobacterium salinarum, Based on the kdp PromoterKixmueller, Dorthe; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2013Individual Interactions of the b Subunits within the Stator of the Escherichia coli ATP SynthaseBrandt, Karsten; Maiwald, Sarah; Herkenhoff-Hesselmann, Brigitte; Gnirss, Kerstin; Greie, Joerg-Christian; Dunn, Stanley D.; Deckers-Hebestreit, Gabriele 
2008K+-translocating KdpFABC P-type ATPase from Escherichia coli acts as a functional and structural dimerHeitkamp, Thomas; Kalinowski, Rene; Boettcher, Bettina; Boersch, Michael; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2013Mechanistic Analysis of the Pump Cycle of the KdpFABC P-Type ATPaseDamnjanovic, Bojana; Weber, Annemarie; Potschies, Meike; Greie, Joerg-Christian; Apell, Hans-Juergen
2009Solution structure of the KdpFABC P-type ATPase from Escherichia coli by electron microscopic single particle analysisHeitkamp, Thomas; Boettcher, Bettina; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2012Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of EfrapeptinsWeigelt, Sven; Huber, Thomas; Hofmann, Frank; Jost, Micha; Ritzefeld, Markus; Luy, Burkhard; Freudenberger, Christoph; Majer, Zsuzsanna; Vass, Elemer; Greie, Joerg-Christian; Panella, Lavinia; Kaptein, Bernard; Broxterman, Quirinus B.; Kessler, Horst; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Hollosi, Miklos; Sewald, Norbert
2007Synthesis, and structural and biological studies of efrapeptin C analoguesJost, Micha; Weigelt, Sven; Huber, Thomas; Majer, Zsuzsanna; Greie, Joerg-Christian; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Sewald, Norbert
2007The conserved dipole in transmembrane helix 5 of KdpB in the Escherichia coli KdpFABC P-type ATPase is crucial for coupling and the electrogenic K+-Translocation stepBecker, Doris; Fendler, Klaus; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2008The extremely halophilic archaeon Halobacterium salinarum R1 responds to potassium limitation by expression of the K+-transporting KdpFABC P-type ATPase and by a decrease in intracellular K+Strahl, Henrik; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2007The K+-translocating KdpFABC complex from Escherichia coli: A p-type ATPase with unique featuresGreie, Joerg-Christian; Altendorf, Karlheinz 
2011The KdpC subunit of the Escherichia coli K+-transporting KdpB P-type ATPase acts as a catalytic chaperoneIrzik, Kristina; Pfroetzschner, Juliane; Goss, Tatjana; Ahnert, Franziska; Haupt, Melina; Greie, Joerg-Christian
2011The KdpFABC complex from Escherichia coli: A chimeric K+ transporter merging ion pumps with ion channelsGreie, Joerg-Christian
2008The stoichiometry of subunit c of Escherichia coli ATP synthase is independent of its rate of synthesisKrebstakies, Thomas; Aldag, Ingo; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Greie, Joerg-Christian; Deckers-Hebestreit, Gabriele