Ansorge, Ulrich

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Ansorge, Ulrich
Ansorge, U
Ansorge, Ulrich
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12007Comparing sensitivity across different processing measures under metacontrast masking conditionsAnsorge, Ulrich ; Breitmeyer, Bruno G.; Becker, Stefanie I.
22007Electrophysiological activation by masked primes: Independence of prime-related and target-related activitiesKlotz, W.; Heumann, M.; Ansorge, U. ; Neumann, O.
32008Investigating the contribution of metacontrast to the Frohlich effect for sizeCarbone, Elena; Ansorge, Ulrich 
42008The impact of stimulus and response variability on S-R correspondence effectsWuehr, Peter; Biebl, Rupert; Ansorge, Ulrich 
52008Attentional capture by invisible colors and shapesAnsorge, Ulrich ; Horstmann, Gernot 
62009Revisiting the metacontrast dissociation: Comparing sensitivity across different measures and tasksAnsorge, Ulrich ; Becker, Stefanie I.; Breitmeyer, Bruno
72009Goal-driven attentional capture by invisible colors: Evidence from event-related potentialsAnsorge, Ulrich ; Kiss, Monika; Eimer, Martin
82009Can intertrial priming account for the similarity effect in visual search?Becker, Stefanie I.; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Horstmann, Gernot 
92009Saccades reveal that allocentric coding of the moving object causes mislocalization in the flash-lag effectBeckr, Stefanie I.; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Turatto, Massimo
102009Transfer of response codes from choice-response to go/no-go tasksAnsorge, Ulrich ; Wuehr, Peter
112009Visual Search for Facial Expressions of Emotions: A Comparison of Dynamic and Static FacesHorstmann, Gemot; Ansorge, Ulrich 
122010Attentional capture by motion onsets is spatially impreciseAnsorge, Ulrich ; Carbone, Elena; Becker, Stefanie I.; Turatto, Massimo
132010Masked singleton effectsHeld, Bjoern; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Mueller, Hermann J.
142010Attentional capture by masked colour singletonsAnsorge, Ulrich ; Horstmann, Gernot ; Worschech, Franziska
152010Testing the theory of embodied cognition with subliminal wordsAnsorge, Ulrich ; Kiefer, Markus; Khalid, Shah ; Grassl, Sylvia; Koenig, Peter 
162011The initial stage of visual selection is controlled by top-down task set: new ERP evidenceAnsorge, Ulrich ; Kiss, Monika; Worschech, Franziska; Eimer, Martin
172011The undue influence of shape and weight on self-evaluation in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and restrained eaters: a combined ERP and behavioral studyBlechert, J.; Ansorge, U. ; Beckmann, S.; Tuschen-Caffier, B.
182011Top-down contingent feature-specific orienting with and without awareness of the visual inputAnsorge, U. ; Horstmann, G. ; Scharlau, I.
192011Salience in Paintings: Bottom-Up Influences on Eye FixationsFuchs, Isabella; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Redies, Christoph; Leder, Helmut
202011Controlling the Unconscious: Attentional Task Sets Modulate Subliminal Semantic and Visuomotor Processes DifferentiallyMartens, Ulla; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Kiefer, Markus