Spinczyk, Olaf

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Spinczyk, Olaf
Spinczyk, O
Spinczyk, Olaf
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12019Constrained software distribution for automotive systemsHöttger, R.; Igel, B.; Spinczyk, O. 
22019LockDoc: Trace-based analysis of locking in the linux kernelLochmann, A.; Schirmeier, H.; Borghorst, H.; Spinczyk, O. 
32019Interface injection with aspectC++ in embedded systemsGabor, U.T.; Von Egidy, C.-C.; Spinczyk, O. 
42019CyPhOS – A component-based cache-aware multi-core operating systemBorghorst, H.; Spinczyk, O. 
52019Spectrum-based fault localization in deployed embedded systems with driver interaction modelsGabor, U.T.; Dierl, S.; Spinczyk, O. 
62019Operating systems for many-core systemsBorghorst, H.; Spinczyk, O. 
72019High-Accuracy software fault injection in source code with clangGabor, U.T.; Siegert, D.F.; Spinczyk, O. 
82019Poster abstract: I2C considered wasteful: Saving energy with host-controlled pull-up resistorsFriesel, D.; Spinczyk, O. 
92019Cache-line transactions: Building blocks for persistent kernel data structures enabled by AspecTC++Köppen, M.; Traue, J.; Borchert, C.; Nolte, J.; Spinczyk, O. 
102020From Global to Local Quiescence: Wait-Free Code Patching of Multi-Threaded ProcessesRommel, Florian; Dietrich, Christian; Friesel, Daniel; Köppen, Marcel; Borchert, Christoph; Müller, Michael; Spinczyk, Olaf ; Lohmann, Daniel
112020Transformation- and Pattern-based State Machine Mining from Embedded C Code.Grosche, Andreas; Igel, Burkhard; Spinczyk, Olaf 
122020mxkernel: A Novel System Software Stack for Data Processing on Modern HardwareMühlig, Jan; Müller, Michael; Spinczyk, Olaf ; Teubner, Jens
132020Transformation- And pattern-based state machine mining from embedded C codeGrosche, A.; Igel, B.; Spinczyk, O. 
142020He.ro db: A concept for parallel data processing on heterogeneous hardwareMüller, M.; Leich, T.; Pionteck, T.; Saake, G.; Teubner, J.; Spinczyk, O. 
152020From global to local quiescence: Wait-Free code patching of multi-threaded processesRommel, F.; Dietrich, C.; Friesel, D.; Köppen, M.; Borchert, C.; Müller, M.; Spinczyk, O. ; Lohmann, D.
162021Dependability Aspects in Configurable Embedded Operating SystemsSchirmeier, Horst; Borchert, Christoph; Hoffmann, Martin; Dietrich, Christian; Martens, Arthur; Kapitza, Rüdiger; Lohmann, Daniel; Spinczyk, Olaf 
172021Automatic energy model generation with MSP430 EnergyTraceFriesel, D.; Kaiser, L.; Spinczyk, O. 
182021Data Serialization Formats for the Internet of ThingsFriesel, D.; Spinczyk, O. 
192021Decoupling Application Logic from Persistent Memory Frameworks with AspectC++Köppen, M.; Friesel, D.; Borchert, C.; Spinczyk, O. 
202022On the relation of variability modeling languages and non-functional propertiesFriesel, D.; Müller, M.; Ferraz, M.; Spinczyk, O.