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Frank, Cornelia
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12021Editorial: Progress in Computer Gaming and Esports: Neurocognitive and Motor PerspectivesToth, Adam J.; Frank, Cornelia ; Putrino, David; Campbell, Mark J.
22021Superior Performance in Skilled Golfers Characterized by Dynamic Neuromotor Processes Related to Attentional FocusWang, Kuo-Pin; Frank, Cornelia ; Tsai, Yen-yu; Lin, Kao-Hung; Chen, Tai-Ting; Cheng, Ming-Yang; Huang, Chung-Ju; Hung, Tsung-Min; Schack, Thomas
32021Imagery training in school-based physical education improves the performance and the mental representation of a complex action in comprehensive school studentsFrank, Cornelia ; Bekemeier, Katharina; Menze-Sonneck, Andrea
42022The effects of combined action observation and motor imagery on corticospinal excitability and movement outcomes: Two meta-analysesChye, Samantha; Valappil, Ashika Chembila; Wright, David J.; Frank, Cornelia ; Shearer, David A.; Tyler, Christopher J.; Diss, Ceri E.; Mian, Omar S.; Tillin, Neale A.; Bruton, Adam M.
52022Imagining interceptions: Eye movements as an online indicator of covert motor processes during motor imageryD'Aquino, Alessio; Frank, Cornelia ; Hagan, John Elvis; Schack, Thomas
62022Neurofeedback training: Decreases in Mu rhythm lead to improved motor performance in complex visuomotor skillsWang, Kuo-Pin; Frank, Cornelia ; Hung, Tsung-Min; Schack, Thomas
72022Motor imagery during action observation in virtual reality: the impact of watching myself performing at a level I have not yet achievedFrank, Cornelia ; Huelsmann, Felix; Waltemate, Thomas; Wright, David J.; Eaves, Daniel L.; Bruton, Adam; Botsch, Mario; Schack, Thomas
82022The effect of different schedules of action observation training and motor imagery training on the changes in mental representation structure and skill performanceKim, Taeho; Frank, Cornelia ; Schack, Thomas
92022Why motor imagery is not really motoric: towards a re-conceptualization in terms of effect-based action controlBach, Patric; Frank, Cornelia ; Kunde, Wilfried
102023Guidelines for reporting action simulation studies (GRASS): Proposals to improve reporting of research in motor imagery and action observationMoreno-Verdú, Marcos; Hamoline, Gautier; Caenegem, Elise E. Van; Waltzing, Baptiste M; Forest, Sébastien; Valappil, Ashika Chembila; Khan, Adam; Chye, Samantha; Esselaar, Maaike; Campbell, Mark J.; McAllister, Craig; Kraeutner, Sarah N.; Poliakoff, Ellen; Frank, Cornelia ; Eaves, Daniel; Wakefield, Caroline; Boe, Shaun G.; Holmes, Paul S.; Bruton, Adam M.; Vogt, Stefan; Wright, David J.; Hardwick, Robert M.
112023Eye movements during motor imagery and execution reveal different visuomotor control strategies in manual interceptionD'Aquino, Alessio; Frank, Cornelia ; Hagan Jr, John Elvis; Schack, Thomas
122023Learning motor actions via imagery—perceptual or motor learning?Frank, Cornelia ; Kraeutner, Sarah N.; Rieger, Martina; Boe, Shaun G.
132023Just imagine throwing the ball? The influence of imagery training on motor learning in childrenFrank, Cornelia ; Bockholt, Sebastian; Meier, Christopher
142023The quiet eye in children and adolescents: A systematic reviewFrank, Cornelia ; Ryll, Sophia
152023Imagery training of motor actions in children and adolescents: a meta-analysisFrank, Cornelia ; Kluever, Janna; Simonsmeier, Bianca Annabelle
16-Recommendations for Combining Action Observation and Motor Imagery Interventions in SportWright, David J.; Frank, Cornelia ; Bruton, Adam M.