Nieters, Pascal

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Nieters, Pascal
Nieters, P
Nieters, Pascal
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12019Event-based pattern detection in active dendritesLeugering, Johannes; Nieters, Pascal ; Pipa, Gordon 
22021Neural computation and timeNieters, Pascal 
32021A trajectory-based loss function to learn missing terms in bifurcating dynamical systemsVortmeyer-Kley, Rahel; Nieters, Pascal ; Pipa, Gordon 
42021A Minimal Model of Neural Computation with Dendritic Plateau PotentialsLeugering, Johannes; Nieters, Pascal ; Pipa, Gordon 
52021Embedding semantic relationships in hidden representations via label smoothingMarino, Michael; Nieters, Pascal ; Heidemann, Gunther ; Hertzberg, Joachim 
62022HPC-oriented Canonical Workflows for Machine Learning Applications in Climate and Weather PredictionMozaffari, Amirpasha; Langguth, Michael; Gong, Bing; Ahring, Jessica; Campos, Adrian Rojas; Nieters, Pascal ; Escobar, Otoniel Jose Campos; Wittenbrink, Martin; Baumann, Peter; Schultz, Martin G.
72023Post-Processing of NWP Precipitation Forecasts using Deep LearningRojas-Campos, Adrian; Wittenbrink, Martin; Nieters, Pascal ; Schaffernicht, Erik J; Keller, Jan D; Pipa, Gordon 
82023Dendritic plateau potentials can process spike sequences across multiple time-scalesLeugering, Johannes; Nieters, Pascal ; Pipa, Gordon