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20002 `-Deoxy-5-methylisocytidineSeela, F; He, Y; Reuter, H ; Heithoff, EM
20002 `-deoxyuridine and 2 `-deoxyisocytidine as constituents of DNA with parallel chain orientation: The stabilization of the iC(d)center dot Gd base pair by the 5-methyl groupSeela, F; He, Y
20035-Methyl-6-aza-2 `-deoxyisocytidineSeela, F; He, Y; Eickmeier, H
20036-Aza-2 `-deoxyisocytidine: Synthesis, properties of oligonucleotides, and base-pair stability adjustment of DNA with parallel strand orientationSeela, F; He, Y
20056-azapyrimidine and 7-deazapurine 2 `-deoxy-2 `-fluoroarabinonucleosides: Synthesis, conformation and properties of oligonucleotidesSeela, F; Chittepu, P; He, Y; He, JL; Xu, KY
2005L-nucleosides containing modified nucleobasesSeela, F; Lin, W; Kazimierczuk, Z; Rosemeyer, H ; Glacon, V; Peng, X; He, Y; Ming, X; Andrzejewska, M; Gorska, A; Zhang, X; La Colla, P
2005Novel DNA nanoparticles and networksSeela, F; Jawalekar, AM; Sirivolu, VR; Rosemeyer, H ; He, Y; Leonard, P
2001Parallel DNA containing pyrazolo[3,4-D]pyrimidine analogues of isoguanineSeela, F; Kroschel, R; He, Y
1999Parallel-stranded DNA formed by new base pairs related to the isoguanine-cytosine or isocytosine-guanine motifsSeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A; He, Y; Kroschel, R; Feiling, E
1999Parallel-stranded oligonucleotide duplexes containing 5-methylisocytosine-guanine and isoguanine-cytosine base pairsSeela, F; He, Y; Wei, CF
2001The high-anti conformation of 8-aza-1,3-dideaza-2 `-deoxyadenosineSeela, F; He, Y; Reuter, H ; Heithoff, EM