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2015A diamond (100) surface with perfect phase purityDyachenko, Oleksiy ; Diek, Nadine ; Shapiro, Yevgeniy ; Tamang, Rajesh ; Harneit, Wolfgang ; Reichling, Michael ; Borodin, Andriy 
2016A perfectly stoichiometric and flat CeO2(111) surface on a bulk-like ceria filmBarth, C.; Laffon, C.; Olbrich, R.; Ranguis, A.; Parent, Ph.; Reichling, M. 
2014A well-structured metastable ceria surfaceOlbrich, R.; Pieper, H. H.; Oelke, R.; Wilkens, H. ; Wollschlaeger, J.; Zoellner, M. H.; Schroeder, T.; Reichling, M. 
2010Achieving high effective Q-factors in ultra-high vacuum dynamic force microscopyLuebbe, Jannis; Troeger, Lutz; Torbruegge, Stefan; Bechstein, Ralf; Richter, Christoph; Kuehnle, Angelika; Reichling, Michael 
2012Al2O3(11(2)over-bar0) surface as a template for the ordered growth of Ni and Co nanoclustersVenkataramani, Krithika; Jensen, Thomas N.; Helveg, Stig; Reichling, Michael ; Besenbacher, Flemming; Lauritsen, Jeppe V.
2021Alignment method for the accurate and precise quantification of tip-surface forcesHeile, Daniel; Olbrich, Reinhard; Reichling, Michael ; Rahe, Philipp 
2009Atomic Manipulation on an Insulator SurfaceHirth, Sabine; Ostendorf, Frank; Reichling, Michael 
2010Atomic resolution force microscopy imaging on a strongly ionic surface with differently functionalized tipsArai, T.; Gritschneder, S.; Troeger, L.; Reichling, M. 
2008Atomic resolution Imaging on CeO2(111) with hydroxylated probesGritschneder, Sebastian; Reichling, Michael 
2010Atomic resolution non-contact atomic force microscopy of clean metal oxide surfacesLauritsen, J. V.; Reichling, M. 
2008Atomic scale evidence for faceting stabilization of a polar oxide surfaceOstendorf, Frank; Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael 
2007Atomic structure of a stripe phase on Al2O3/Ni3Al(111) revealed by scanning force microscopyGritschneder, Sebastian; Degen, Stefan; Becker, Conrad; Wandelt, Klaus; Reichling, Michael 
2010Atomic-resolution imaging of clean and hydrogen-terminated C(100)-(2x1) diamond surfaces using noncontact AFMNimmrich, M.; Kittelmann, M.; Rahe, P. ; Mayne, A. J.; Dujardin, G. ; von Schmidsfeld, A.; Reichling, M. ; Harneit, W. ; Kuehnle, A.
2019Capillary force-induced superlattice variation atop a nanometer-wide graphene flake and its moire origin studied by STMThomas, Loji K.; Reichling, Michael 
2019Capillary force-induced superlattice variation atop a nanometer-wide graphene flake and its moiré origin studied by STMThomas, L.K.; Reichling, M. 
2004Carbon tips as sensitive detectors for nanoscale surface and sub-surface chargeArai, T; Gritschneder, S; Troger, L; Reichling, M 
2015Ceria at a closer look - reducibility traced down to the atomic scaleReichling, Michael 
2007Characterisation of oxygen defects in calciumdifluorideSils, Janis; Radzhabov, Evgeny; Reichling, Michael 
2012Characterization of atomic step structures on CaF2(111) by their electric potentialPieper, H. H.; Barth, C.; Reichling, M. 
2011Characterizing TiO2(110) surface states by their work functionBorodin, Andriy ; Reichling, Michael