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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D Navigation Mesh Generation for Path Planning in Uneven TerrainPütz, S.; Wiemann, T. ; Sprickerhof, J.; Hertzberg, J. 
20103D robotic mapping in Osnabrück [3D-Roboterkartenbau in Osnabrück]Hertzberg, J. ; Lingemann, K.; Lörken, C.; Nüchter, A.; Stiene, S.; Wiemann, T. 
2019A File Structure and Reference Data Set for High Resolution Hyperspectral 3D Point CloudsWiemann, T. ; Igelbrink, F.; Pütz, S.; Hertzberg, J. 
2022A fully integrated system for hardware-accelerated TSDF SLAM with LiDAR sensors (HATSDF SLAM)Eisoldt, Marc; Gaal, Julian; Wiemann, Thomas ; Flottmann, Marcel; Rothmann, Marc; Tassemeier, Marco; Porrmann, Mario 
2019A spatio-semantic approach to reasoning about agricultural processesDeeken, Henning; Wiemann, Thomas ; Hertzberg, Joachim 
2018A spatio-semantic model for agricultural environments and machinesDeeken, H.; Wiemann, T. ; Hertzberg, J. 
2012A toolkit for automatic generation of polygonal maps - Las vegas reconstructionWiemann, T. ; Lingemann, K.; Nüchter, A.; Hertzberg, J. 
2013An evaluation of open source surface reconstruction software for robotic applicationsWiemann, T. ; Annuth, H.; Lingemann, K.; Hertzberg, J. 
2015An Extended Evaluation of Open Source Surface Reconstruction Software for Robotic ApplicationsWiemann, Thomas ; Annuth, Hendrik; Lingemann, Kai; Hertzberg, Joachim 
2010Automatic construction of polygonal maps from point cloud dataWiemann, T. ; Nüchter, A.; Lingemann, K.; Stiene, S.; Hertzberg, J. 
2013Automatic creation and application of texture patterns to 3D polygon mapsRinnewitz, K.O.; Wiemann, T. ; Lingemann, K.; Hertzberg, J. 
2014Automatic Generation of 3D Polygon Maps for Mobile RobotsWiemann, T. 
2013Automatic map creation for environment modelling in robotic simulatorsWiemann, T. ; Lingemann, K.; Hertzberg, J. 
2013Automatische Generierung dreidimensionaler Polygonkarten für mobile RoboterWiemann, Thomas 
2013Building semantic object maps from sparse and noisy 3D dataGunther, M.; Wiemann, T. ; Albrecht, S. ; Hertzberg, J. 
2019Compressing ROS Sensor and Geometry Messages with DracoWiemann, T. ; Igelbrink, F.; Putz, S.; Piening, M.K.; Schupp, S.; Hinderink, S.; Vana, J.; Hertzberg, J. 
2021Continuous Shortest Path Vector Field Navigation on 3D Triangular Meshes for Mobile RobotsPutz, Sebastian; Wiemann, Thomas ; Piening, Malte Kleine; Hertzberg, Joachim 
2016Data handling in large-scale surface reconstructionWiemann, T. ; Mrozinski, M.; Feldschnieders, D.; Lingemann, K.; Hertzberg, J. 
2023Detecting spatio-temporal Relations by Combining a Semantic Map with a Stream Processing EngineNiecksch, Lennart; Deeken, Henning; Wiemann, Thomas